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Mikey finds Gerard and Frank and decides not to look too far into it at first...

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MIKEY: I peeked around Gerard's door one more time, hoping he'd of turned up by then. To my surprise, he was, as was a topless Frank, both out for the count on the bed. They were both asleep and it was only 11pm.
I almost screamed when I saw blood spreading out in fiery licks around Gerard's arm.
I shook him until he woke up, biting my kip to stop myself blurting out questions. He made no effort to sit up, just opened his eyes weakly. I gave in, I had to know in order to help.

"Gerard! What happened?" I got no reply from his exhausted eyes. I jumped to the conclusion that he must have, and god forbid, done it himself or something had happened while he retrieved Frank form wherever the hell he had gone.
"Just..." Gee pawed at the air between us meekly, "Don't tell the parents." I saw his hands were bloodied as well. And pretty badly at that, fucking caked on under his nails. It was drying in like rust, tainting beautiful skin.

"But I have to..! What happened to you? And Frank...?" I asked, being silenced by a sticky finger that tasted like metal. He held it there, the taste clinging to my lips, staining them too no doubt.
"Just shh." Blood still seeped very slowly from his shoulder, billowing out from a deep, wide gash. I respected his request but got the biggest band-aid patch I could find and some ice in a plastic bag from the freezer. I snuck around the house, desparate not to be caught and luckily I wasn't.

He seemed asleep again when I peeled off his jacket and red-white shirt. He shuddered and looked up through glazed over eyes. Fuck, it was not good.
I tried not to look at his eyes as I went about putting on the band aid. They looked stoned, the way they seemed not to hold that 'spark' of his that gave me so much hope. I gave up, it was too messy so I went out to get some toilet roll to clean it up.

When I re-entered the room the sight just struck me with shock, it just... looked too weird. Gerard was licking at the blood all around his shoulder, only just reaching the tip of the nasty gash. He looked like a cat licking itself clean. He didnt seem to be doing it because he had to, he looked like he enjoyed it as much as a half-dead person possibly could, lazily dragging his tongue around with little aim through mostly shut eyes.
I rushed over and pushed Gerard's head away gently, wiping off the saliva and blood as carefully as possible to reveal the true extent of the deep and rough cut. It was nasty, really nasty. As soon as I had cleaned it up more blood seeped through.
I pressed on the band aid, noticing Gerard licking his hands clean instead with a strange, tipsy interest.
I inspected those next, G's tongue lazily lapping between my fingers while I traced them along his, checking for any cuts there. I found none and let Gerard continue with his macabre entertainment but still allowing him to work along my hands, tracing ghostly and ticklish lines as I tried to concentrate on a plan of action of somesort.

He moaned in some sort of display of dispair or giving-up on something and rested his head back on the pillow afer some time, arching his back.
"Thank you." He whispered, eyes shutting again.
"No problem G..." I pushed back some hair and kissed his forehead goodnight, content with my work for the time.

I walked around the bed to Frank who lay facing me. He kept slowly writhing in his sleep, probably drunk, or something along those lines. Strangely, he had very little blood on him at all, and no cuts whatsoever. I wasn't sure what to make of it actually. I put a hand to his forehead and recoiled. He was frozen solid. Had he been outside without anything on his top half?

I wiped away a smear of blood, no doubt from Gerard, on his side and he shivered against my touch, teeth chattering. He seemed almost unable to move properly, only slight, jerky actions seemed possible. His eyes too, weren't the ones I knew, they held some kind of petrified terror in them and were begging me for something and it looked like he wanted to cry. Either that or they were damn watery.

I wanted to make him warm but I was scared of waking him up since he was drunk. He whimpered and I simply stoked his arm trying to heat him up somewhat.
Frank wordlessly looked at me. He writhed a little, but it looked like he had no control over his actions just yet. I laid my head against his chest, kneeling down to do so. Whatever had happened was a worst case scenario of some sort. They can't keep away form trouble.
Frankie's mouth contorted into a half hearted smile but reverted back to an emotionless line when I got up again. I wanted to comfort him but I had on idea how. My first instinct told me to clean of the smears of blood, maybe he'd feel better then.It was just that look of dread in him that scared me so badly, something really bad had gone on. He looked almost paralyzed, it was so odd for him. I didn't have any toilet roll left so I made with licking my finger and rubbing away the stains. Frank seemed to smile again. He was cold to touch so I dragged in my duvet and threw it over the collapsed couple.
I wanted to stay the night though, incase Frank was sick or choked or Gerard didn't get any better. Frank just watched me all the while, his hands now starting to twitch a little. I just had to sit there and try to figure it out somehow.

Gerard had been stabbed by the looks of it and Frank was worse than drunk, he'd taken some kinda pill by the way he seemed to be frozen in place. Yet if Gerard was hit by a drunken Frank, would he really go to the effort to bring him home? Nothing really added up. I thought of a couple of crazy situations where Gerard dramatically took a stab for Frank but I dismissed it. I was mainly thankful they were back and at least Gerard wasn't shot and Frank could've frozen to death out there.
The only thing I concluded was that Gerard had brought Frank home.
Frank stared at me and I stared back, gently stroking his chin. It was some weird drug that he'd taken. Like that 'myth' about if you take too much rohypnol stops you moving was true. No doubt Shane had somehow been included on the drugs part. That pretty much froze me solid as well. Christ, Shane had almost definately been involved. Maybe he had stabbed Gerard, but why? He was going to tell Gerard I'd asked him to stop the coke. It didn't explain Frank's place in it.

I sighed and went back to resting my head by Frank's chest on the bed, ducking under the covers and filling the space with my warm breath. Frank shuddered painfully. I hoped he'd recover from whatever had happened. Both of them were in a terrible state. I cuddled up to Frank, partially on the bed with them even. I wanted ot make sure he wouldn't suffer more than he had to. When you forget all the weird doubts I've had, we're best friends. Maybe I only doubted my own sexuality becuase of Gerard? It wasn't the time to think about that.
It still didn't sound right. I like to.... Play with Frank, as wrong as that may sound. Nothing serious but just having our fun. Cruel as it might be, I can't help it. If I can't get that attention from Gerard and Frank seemed to offer it, who was I to reject it. I just wanted some pure love or even a taste of what Frank and G shared.

I flipped my other leg over to balance precariously on the edge of the bed and pressed myself onto Frank, wrapping and arm under his and holding tight.
"Please be okay..." I whispered, aware that my words may well have fallen on deaf ears. Frank's free arm suddenly jerked to sort of return the hug. I nestled in closer and let myself fall asleep. At least I could be ready to help either of them if they suddnely woke up sick or something. That's just me sometimes, there to help G and Frank. I don't mind really, I know I'm not just a tool. I get repaid in affection anyway.
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