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Its just the hardest point of living.

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When we walked back in the living room, the guys all stared at us in astonishment. I quickly let go off Franks hand before they got any ideas. None of them spoke, so i broke the silence.

'I do know who you guys are, im just not some crazed fangirl to be honest' i said
Gerard stood up, 'thats not a bad thing honey' he said 'now how bout we all go get some food'

Oh, food, i was hesitant, see i try to avoid eating as much as i could. I used to be bullemic as my parents would watch me eat, but since I have noone to watch me, my anorexia had developed. I guess you could say I have tried to escape my life in nearly every single way possible. This was the one thing that now controlled my life.

'erm i think im just gonna go home' i replied

Frank whispered to me, 'please come Amy, i want you to'

I didn't want to but how could i say no to him after all he'd done for me.

'erm okay i spose so' i said.

We left the guys house and drove to a diner a few blocks down, it was quiet luckily. We got a table in the corner and i scanned the menu to see what would be light enough on my stomach forv when i had to make a sharp exit to the toilet.
The waiter came over to our table to take orders, Gerard and Frank had veggie burgers and fries, Ray, Mikey and Bob had Pizza, then they asked me 'Erm just a salad please' The waiter nodded and walked off.

'On a diet or something amy?' Mikey asked while the rest of the guys eyed my strangely.
'Guess you could say that' I replied.
Our food came after 15 minutes, i picked and prodded at mine, eating only a bit.
'Be right back, i need the toilet' I told the guys as i scurried off.
I knelt down infront of the toilet and forced my fingers down my throat until i retched and the food i had just ate was in the toilet rather than in my stomach. After this i felt a lot better. I went back and joined the guys again.

'You alright?' Frank asked me.
'Yeah fine, why wouldn't i be' i replied, not realised i'd snapped at him.
The guys continued eating there food and when they were done, we left, i'd asked them to drop me home on the way.
'Cya amy' They all said.
'Bye guys' i got out of the car and walked up my path.
I felt kinda bad for snapping at Frank.

Frank P.O.V
I watched Amy walk up the path to her house, there was just something about her that was so mysterious.
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