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Can i be the only hope for you?

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I gazed out of the window for the car ride home.
'Whats up Frank' Ray asked picking up the courage to ask.
'I dunno, theres just something about her, she hides things, its like she keeps herself shut off from people, but then again theres just so much to like about her' I replied.
'You like her though don't you?' Mikey jumped in.
'I've knew her like 3 days, but I think I could possibly' My mind felt so confused, she was doing something to me, I just couldn't place my finger on what it was.

When we got home I went and sat in my room. I pulled out my phone and text Amy.
Hey sugar, been really nice spending time with you x
Hour passed and no reply, i wondered if she was okay.
I thought of ringing her but maybe I would annoy her, so i just left it, hoping she was actually just busy or something.

Amys P.O.V
Its been 2 weeks since I last spoke to Frank, hes rang me and text but i just haven't replied. I just needed time to realise what I want and whats going on with my life.
And now i think i've found out, I pretty much need to sort my life out, stop worrying about the past.
And the thing i've realised I want is someone, and I'm pretty sure that someone is Frank.

Franks P.O.V
My phone beeped and i wondered who it could be, i picked it up and was shocked when i saw i'd gotten a text from Amy, she hadn't spoke to me in two weeks. I opened the message.
Hey Frankie, so sorry i haven't spoke to you just needed to sort a few things out,hope you forgive me x
I text her back, i was just glad she was okayIts okay, don't worry about it, just glad your okay sweet x
Yeh im okay, could you come round? I need to talk to you x
I replied saying okay and headed oe to her house. I didnt know whether to be happy or scared. Was it something good she wanted to talk to me about or something bad like she didn't want anything to do with me again. I hoped it was the first one, but all thoughts were running through my mind.
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