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part 9

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"You wish it was..." I laughed.

"Meh." Dani said as Pete walked back up to us with a bag.

"What are you two arguing about now?" Pete asked.

"Her choice of an alternative word for fuck you..." I said.

"It was a good one!!!" Dani exasperated.

"What was it? Something stupid like moo?" Pete laughed. He was then hit on the head by Dani. "OWW! What the hell?!" Dani just walked off. Pete looked at me and asked "What did I do?"

"She said moo." I snickered. "So what's in the bag?"

"This." Pete said, pulling out the baby doll dress that Dani picked out earlier.

"Aww, well then I guess you can use that to apologize." I winked at him.

"Yeah, but don't say anything about it." Pete said.

"Relax, I won't." I laughed. He just sighed and walked off toward to where Dani left.

Thats what filled our entire mall trip...constant poke wars (which I will win), constant Pete and Dani bickering and all in all, tons of fun. We went to a whole bunch of stores, including dragging the guys into Victoria's Secret for the hell of it...and Dani needed some lip gloss, which is always in the back of the store. After we had left Victoria's Secret, we headed to the food court, only to be blocked by a huge crowd.

"What the hell?" Pete strained to see above the head of the crowd. "HA! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!" He yelled as he ran through the crowd, with us following right behind him. By the time we saw the man in the center of the crowd, Pete had jumped onto the poor man's back and waved to the camera in front of him. "Hey Criss!!!" Dani’s eyes grew wide and she began playing with her hair.

"Pete, what the hell are you doing?! Get off of him!” Dani dragged Pete off Criss Angel, and held her hand to Criss. “Hi I’m Dani!”

“Nice to meet you.” Criss smiled and shook her hand. I thought Dani was going to just collapse. "I take it that your a bit of a fan aren't you?" He laughed as Dani just nodded her head.

"Yeah, I guess I am." Dani said as she continued to mess with her hair. Pete's face was priceless. I nudged Patrick to look at Pete and he bit his lip from laughing. Total jealousy was written all over poor Pete's face.

3rd POV

Criss looked around the crowd that was still gathered and looked at the gang. "Well I still need to show a trick, so Dani, will you help me with this one?"

Dani nearly fell over from excitement and kinda yelled yes. Criss just laughed as he had Dani sit on a chair that was near by, and went through the usual thing, like 'we've never met before, there are no strings, no trap doors,' and had the gang, plus a couple of people from the crowd come and pat Dani's head. Criss pulled a blanket out and right before he covered Dani, planted a quick kiss on her forehead. Pete glared at Criss and the rest of the gang was trying so hard not to laugh. After Criss covered Dani, he had everyone go and pat her head again to show that she was still under the blanket.

"Ok, now that you've seen the process, I need you all to think of this lovely lady not being here. She was never sitting in this chair. Now when I count to three, I will remove the blanket and we will see the results." Criss said as he walked around the chair. He waited as the camera walked around as well, to prove that there was nothing helping him. "One...Two...THREE!" Criss yelled as he yanked the blanket and Dani was gone.

"HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!" They all seemed to yell. Some people screamed and some just yelled some weird sounds. The typical reaction for a stunt done by Criss Angel. After all the applauding and reactions, the crowd dispersed and the group was left.

"That was amazing!" Grace said.

"Yeah yeah, now where did she go Criss?" Pete nagged.

"Don't worry, she's fine. You'll see her again in awhile. Hey, why don't you come over to the Luxor? I'm having a party tonight." Criss asked.

"Yeah! That sounds like fun!" They all agreed except Pete who just glared at Criss.

"Yeah, fine, but where did she go?!" Pete asked, and continued to ask all the way to the Luxor.
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