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part 10

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Grace’s POV

“Seriously, Criss, where is she?” Pete asked for the millionth time as we came to the door to Criss’s apartment. Criss just sighed as he unlocked his door and let us into the living room. There on the couch was Dani playing with Criss’s cat and just about to open a soda. “DANI!” Pete yelled and tackled Dani.

“HOLY SHIT PETE!!!!!” Dani yelped from underneath him.

“Umm...are they together or something?” Criss asked us.

“Not that we know of.” Joe laughed as he jumped in the dog pile.

“JOE!!! DAMN IT!!” Dani yelled again.

“Don’t forget about us!” Andy and Kris yelled joining in.

“GRACE! PATRICK! CRISS! HELP!” Dani yelled, muffled. We just laughed at her.

“Wait” I said as I pulled out my phone to take a picture. “Smile!”

“GRACE?! You bitch.” Dani laughed as well as the boys on top of her smiled for the picture.

“There,” I said as soon as I took the picture. “What do you think?” I showed Patrick and Criss.

“Oh my god, you have to send that to me.” Criss laughed.

“Look at Pete’s face!” Patrick laughed.

“Let me see!” the boys jumped up off of Dani to see the picture.

“Grace, I thought you loved me?” Dani said as she gave me her fake puppy look.

“But you forgot the number one best friend rule. Best friends must have some sort of blackmail on the other best friend.” I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Your a bitch." Dani laughed as she went to try to open her soda.

"Nope," Pete said, taking the soda away.

"And your a dick...fine, Criss," Dani walked to Criss. "Do you have anything else thats carbonated?"

"Yeah, I have Champagne, hold on I'll grab some. Does anyone else want any?"

Everyone said yes, except Patrick and I. As the drinks began to be passed around everyone sat down on the couches and people began arriving for the party.

A Few Hours later

The party in fact wasn't that bad. It was pretty entertaining. Criss pulled Dani aside again to use her for on of his tricks, but this time, I thought Pete was going to blow a gasket. This time the trick included Criss kissing Dani full on the lips, and Dani's eyes grew big. After the millisecond that Criss kissed her, she pulled back quickly and opened her mouth, revealing a beautiful necklace. The party oooed and awwed. It was pretty brilliant. Kris would kill Criss, but then again, him, along with Joe and Andy disappeared to somewhere.

"Hey you know where Kris, Joe, and Andy went?" I asked.

"Actually, no I don't. I'm not to worried." Patrick laughed, looking around to make sure that he wasn't mistaken. He then looked at his cell phone for the time. "Holy crap. It's almost 1 in the morning. Explains why I'm kinda tired. You want to come back to the hotel with me?" Patrick asked me.

"Yeah sure..." I smiled. I looked for Dani to let her know we were heading back, but I couldn't find her. " Oh well, I'll just text her later when we get there." I said as we thanked Criss and left.

We walked for a little while in silence, when I remembered something. "Hey, we haven't been back at the tour buses since we set the surprise, have we?" I laughed a bit.

"Oh god...we haven't." Patrick smiled.

"Hmmm...I'm wondering if we should take them down, or should we just leave them?"

"I think that will depend on if we remember about them by the time we get there."

"Okay then," I laughed as I took his hat again. "So are you going to tell me your deep dark secret that you almost told me at the pool?"

Patrick's POV

Shit, she remembered the pool thing. I thought to myself.

"Maybe." I said, trying to get my hat back.

"'s a hostage till you tell me. I told you mine." She smiled at me. "So you owe me." She turned her back to me and walked ahead. God her smile was amazing. I smirked and figured I'd try to get my hat again, but this time, I ran right up behind her, grabbed her around her waist and lifted her up. "HEY NO FAIR!" Grace laughed hard as she held the hat far out in front of her.

"I'll put you down if you surrender the hat nice and easy." I said in a fake threatening tone.

"NEVER!" She kept the hat as far as she could have it.

"I'll give you a monster if you give it back." I said.

She waited a moment then said, "Fine," and tried to put the hat on backwards. "You can put me back down now." But I just laughed and switched her to a bridal position so I could walk a little easier.

Grace's POV

"Fine," I said, trying to put the hat back on his head which was backwards. It's hard to do. "You can put me back down now." He just laughed and switched me into a bridal position. I felt my cheeks go red. " Hey, I thought we agreed that you would put me down when I gave you the hat back."

"That was the first deal, but you didn't say yes, so I changed the deal to a monster." He smiled. Damnit all.
"But I can see the hotel from here and I can walk." I tried to get down.

"But this way is more fun." Patrick said, snickering. We continued to argue and laugh about this as we entered the hotel parking lot, and passed a cute, old couple.

"Aww, congrats on getting married!" The little old lady said as she passed by. She turned to her husband and said, "They are the cutest couple." Right after the couple passed, Patrick put me down and we kinda laughed, but that awkward, did that just happen laugh.

"Umm...yeah.." Patrick lifted his hat and ran his hand through his hair as we walked to the tour buses.

"That wasn't all." I kept my face hidden from him as much as possible as we went into the bus and hunkered down. For a few minutes, the awkward silence filled the air.

"A solo album." I heard Patrick say as I grabbed a Monster.

"A what?" I asked, not understanding what he was talking about.
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