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Dead Eyes, Black Skyes

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Sam, a thirteen year old girl, has to go live with her runaway father that she hasn't seen in 11 years for the rest of her high school life. What happens when she runs into trouble with a couple of...

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Dead eyes, Black Skyes
Chapter 1

Samantha (Sam) Jones: Sam is 13. She's the quiet girl, one who always listens to her friends and family if they have problems, hence the reason her name is Samantha, which means 'the one who listens, quiet, calm'. appearance wise she has tan skin, which she hates, dark brown almost black hair that has red highlights in the summer sun, and dark chocolate brown eyes. Her favorite colors are red, grey, black, and white. she has two younger sisters, one just turned 9, and the other is 10 months old. Trapped into have to be a fake to her friends so they can like her, Sam's still trying to find herself, but has a vague idea. She hasn't seen her biological father since she was 2, but when she has to spend a couple years with him in LA she doesn't know what she's in for.

Winfrith(Winny) Jemstone: Winny is 13. She encounters Sam and her father at an airport with Winny's luggage for her vacation in New York. Winny has Brown Hair and Aqua eyes. Winny has an older runaway brother who was a cutter and also ran away from the mental institution his parents had him in. She is known to be hyperactive and overly cheerful, but knows when to be serious when it is needed.

Hailey Armstrong: Hailey is 13 and the adoptive daughter of Billie Joe Armstrong. She lost her parents to a fire that occurred one night when she arrived from a friends house. Her previous house was in Cincinnati. Hailey is also incredibly gifted in playing the guitar. Hailey constantly wears a handkerchif to cover her mouth and part of her nose, she also has black and green hair with her right bangs covering her right eye.

Isan Gareato: Isan is 14 years old and plays the bass. Not much is known about him since he got lost in a circus when he was 4 and was taken in by the ring master and his wife.

Haven(Heaven) Divine
: Haven is 18 years of age and is the eldest son of the locol Church's pastor. Haven has Platinum blond hair and Black eyes, and a muscular build. Although muscular, this young man wouldn't even hurt a fly and volunteers at charities every week. Described by most girls in his high school as an angel that fell from Heaven, or Heaven itself entitles him the nickname of Heaven. He is as you may have guessed already the school's heartthrob.

Melentha (Mel) Ganger
: Mel is 17 years old and has short pixie styled hair with two bobby pins forming an X on her bangs, and Dark blue eyes. Mel has also had a crush on Haven since she was 5 , and in kindergarten with him. Quiet and shy Mel was never good at meeting people, but when Sam comes into her life things start to change.For better or for worse?
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