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Chapter 2 : 'For Want Of' Leaving!

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Hey dad I'm writing to you Not to tell you That I still hate you Just to ask you How you Feel And How we fell apart How this fell apart

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Dead Eyes, Black Skyes
Chapter 2 : 'For Want Of' Leaving!

Sam's POV

All I feel is tugging at my hair... Oh Andy....stop playing with my hair, it hurts... and I thought you were a gentle man!Ugh! Oh My Gerard! What is with the pink bunny stealing my homework, a purple bunny flying, and a blue one driving a green golf cart! Evil Burnt Cookies!

" Why? You had so much potential to become soft, chewy, and sweet cookies!Why is it always the good? WHY??" after that all I hear is a baby crying. Why is a baby crying? Once I realize who it could be my eyes shoot open as I look for Marley, my 10 month year old sister, I see my mom holding her while she cries" What happened to her?" I'm very concerned since Tory, my 9 year old sister, is still probably sleeping and won't make her stop crying.
"You happened. She was trying to wake you up by pulling your hair. The you yell something about cookies and then she cries. " slowly and sheepishly I scratch my head and smile like a psycho who just bought a new chainsaw and plans on using it on the cashier.
"Oh." Wait did she say Marley was playing with my hair?. Damn she always has to crush my hopes and dreams,literally.
But once I realized I was leaving my happiness was revived. Oh no not because I wanted to see him because I hadn't seen him in 11 years but because there might be cute boys on the plane. "Hey mom, I'm going on the plane by myself right?"(Narrator: cue hopeful music! I said cue hopeful music! UGH! Nevermind!) " No! Don't be silly!(Narrator: cue sad music. Oh forget it! I Quit!) I'm going to leave the girls with your grandma and dad and go with you." Oh yea I forgot to mention I have a step-dad who I love with all my life, I've known him since I was 3. Does she plan on crushing my dreams or what! DingDong. Hehe I love the way dingdong sounds so wrong."MAMAAAAAAAA!" coming after the voice was a blur of pink and baby blue aka Tory. I've always wanted a little brother but I never got one.
"Hey mom don't we have to get going?" I told my mother in a matter-of-fact voice." What? Oh right! Are you that eager to see your father? I knew my persuading would work!" " No mom I just want to leave so I can see famous people. Lets go!" after grabbing our sammiches and bidding goodbye. we drive to the airport. Just to be ironic I get my iPod and play Emotionless by Good Charlotte, even though some people don't like them anymore I'll always like them

Hey dad
I'm writing to you
Not to tell you
That I still hate you
Just to ask you
How you Feel
And How we fell apart
How this fell apart

Directly after those lines did I fall asleep, and I dreamed of Andy playing with my hair...again. Except this time he was being nice to me.

Weird Sponge bob Voice
6 hours Latah!

We landed 2 hours ago and he still hasn't arrived. Oi I think that's him! No what it's just a hobo. Why is another hobo come towards me! Oh My Gerard I'm gonna get Hobo banged I'm too young, and I don't wanna get raped by hobos, I'd rather get raped by a hot emo dude by "accident"! "Dude" my mom said … I think she forgot his name. "Erica" ew he has a freaky voice. Then he looked at me and I got goosebumps but you can''t see them under my long sleeve v-neck and black tank top under. I think he knew though because he gave me this weird stare that said ' I want to kill you'. "let's go get your luggage, yea?" No! I don't wanna stay with a hobo! You can't make me! If only I were actually saying these things and not thinking them!
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