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New Life

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whoa whoa whoa, how long as it been since I last updated? Well now I'm back...hope you enjoy this chapter.

And thanks to 30 seconds to mars for the's off their first album which I just received from Amazon[dot]come :D and we just saw them in concert about 2 weeks ago :D

Btw, I know waaay to much about this aspect of life...


It started off as a normal evening for the four kids. Kaitie and Toni sat back at the house of Kaitie and Eric watching Eric and Chris roll around on the floor.
Yes, that is pretty normal…for them.
They were playing a video game…ahem Spongebob, but Chris chose Spongebob leaving Eric with Squidward.
Hence the “fight” started and now they were rolling on the floor.

After a while, Toni realized it was getting late and thought Kaitie needed her rest since she was pretty far along in her pregnancy so she took Chris home.
And she said he needed a time out and was also getting no cookies.
Chris left in a pout.

Kaitie wasn’t saying anything, but throughout the day she started to feel some pains…like cramps but stronger.
15 minutes after the others left, the pains were way stronger, almost unbearable, and they came quicker.
“Eric, we need to get to the hospital, like, now!”
“Why, who’s dyeing?”
“Me, I’m going into labor!”
Eric didn’t do anything but drop the Popsicle he was eating and stood in shock…eyes wide and mouth agape.
“Eric…Eric…ERIC!” He finally snapped out of his trance. “When did the contractions start?”
“This afternoon. But now they’ve gotten worse, quicker, and last longer.” As soon as she said that, her muscles tightened and she bent over in pain. She felt as if someone was trying to break open her back.
Eric ran to her side and tried to soothe her, but he soon regretted it when she slapped him.
After it had passed, Eric asked, “how far apart are they?”
“About 5 minutes apart and they last for about 6 seconds.”
“What do we do now??”
As you could tell, Kaitie was a bit more prepared for this than Eric was. He had no clue what to do.

As soon as they got to the hospital and got a room, Kaitie’s midwife (…aka the nurse that’s gonna help though out the process, for those of you who don’t know…) put the IV in her, put the heart monitor clip thing on her finger to monitor her heart and blood pressure, put the baby monitor on her stomach to monitor the baby’s heart and blood pressure, and all the other things needed.
At this point, Eric decided to call Toni knowing she’d actually answer her phone at this time of night knowing Kaitie’s condition.

Toni’s POV

- “Hello? Eric why are you calling so late?”
I looked to my side to see Chris putting a finger to his lips and mumble “shh it’s sleepy time, not talky time.”
Eric responded rather frantically…I couldn’t understand him.
- “Wait wait wait calm down, what?”
- “It’s Kaitie.”
- “What’s wrong??”
Chris then woke up as soon as he heard those words. “What’s going on?” “It’s Kaitie.”
-“We’re at the hospital, she’s going into labor!”
- “Okay, we’ll be there as soon as we can.”
- “Okay.”
I set my phone down and looked at Chris…who looked tired.
“What’s wrong?? Who’s dyeing??” “Just shut up and put your shirt on, Kaitie’s in labor.”

Normal Point of View

After Eric called Toni, he headed back inside to Kaitie’s room.
“The nurse just checked me, she said I’m at 4 cm right now. I asked for an epidural ‘cause I’m in a shitload of pain.”
“Whatever makes you more comfortable. How long is it gonna be?” “Depends how fast I dialate. It can be anywhere from 1 to 10 hours. “ “Goddamn.”
“Did you call Toni? “ “Yup, they’re on their way.”

Soon, Toni and Chris got there and headed into the room. “Hey K-dawg…how you doing?” “Fine now…I got some drugs.”
Chris walked up to Eric and asked how he was. He did a facepalm and said “I’m so excited I’m gonna die!”

The time went quick. Within 2 hours, the baby wanted out.
After about 45 minutes of the pushing stage, the baby was born.

Damon Striffler.

This day couldn’t be any better for the little family of 2…now 3.

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