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Valentine's Day

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Creak creak

Kaitie woke up to the creaking floorboards of the bedroom’s hardwood floors.
What the fuck she thought.
She looked to her side and saw that the bed was empty….Eric never woke up before her…she was confused. That was until she looked to where that sound was coming from and saw Eric looking a bit shocked and carrying a tray of waffles, strawberries, orange juice and flowers.
“Um, good morning honey bunches of oats.”
“Morning Eric-pie.”
Eric placed the tray on the bedside table before sitting down next to his wife and giving her a kiss. “Happy Valentines day. I made you breakfast.”

After that, Eric told Kaitie that he had a special evening planned…he even hired a babysitter for the occasion.
Throughout the day, Kaitie received little surprises throughout the day: got a delivery from a flower shop, chocolates, new video games…she was in complete bliss all day.
Finally came the evening that they were both waiting for.

After the babysitter got to the house, Eric and Kaitie left to start their night. Eric knows that Kaitie loves football, so the first thing he had planned for them he knew she would love.
Eric drove them over to the nearest park and after pulling into the parking lot and shutting off the engine, he looked at Kaitie…who looked confused.
“Eric, what are we doing at the park, I thought we were going out to dinner?”
“We are, later.”
He got out of the car and went over to Kaitie’s side to open to the door for her and help her out.
“Flag football.”
Kaitie looked at Eric like he was stupid, “what?”
He laughed at her, “let’s play flag football! I know you’ve been bugging me for a while to play…so let’s play!”
Kaitie smirked and got into game mode.

Well, one can guess who won the game…..Kaitie whooped Eric’s ass.

Once they got back into the car, Kaitie asked what was next on their to-do list, Eric wouldn’t tell her.
But once Eric pulled into the parking lot, Kaiti’s eyes lit up.
The Griffith Park Observatory.
He was able to get permission to be on the grounds afterhours to see the stars through the big telescope.
Could this night get any better?

Finally, Eric decided that it was dinner time.
The restaurant they went to was The Olive Garden… was a simple choice and you can never go wrong with their great Italian food.
This is the first the two had gone out to dinner on their own since their baby was born, they had forgotten how nice it was to go out without having to worry about the baby crying.
It was during this time that forgot all troubles and focused on their love, like they were on their very first date all over again.
There were moments where they would look into each others eyes and time would stop, they were the only two that were in the restaurant….well at least to them they were.
They couldn’t even keep count on how many times they said ‘I love you’ to each other. This, my friends, was true love and anybody who couldn’t see it was blind.

After their romantic dinner, it was time to head home.
When they got there, Damon was sound asleep so they decided to watch a movie.
They grabbed a blanked and cuddled during the whole movie and snuck in kisses here and there.
The two couldn’t ask for a more perfect day…of course their day was done till they had their ‘happy time’. I mean, they had to since they don’t get much alone time since the baby was born.
After that, they both fell into a deep sleep with smiles on their faces.

These two kids were in complete love, and nothing will ever change that.

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