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'Erm I don't really wanna talk about it' she said looking on edge.
'C'mon Amy, if we're gonna give this a shot, we've gotta learn to trust each other, otherwise we're not gonna get anywhere are we, and i do like you'
'I like you to Frank, its just after everything thats happened to me, i find it hard to trust, tell me Frank, what did you first think when i ran off and be honest' she asked me.
I picked my brains, do i tell her what i actually thought, or make up some crap incase i wasn't right and offended her, but if we had to learn to trust, the trust would make me sense.

'Anorexia' i said looking at her.
Her face dropped, she slumped back and the couch and sighed 'you sussed me Frankie'
I felt myself getting angry, yet i felt sorry for her at the same time, 'Amy, why?'
'Frank i can't help it, its the only control i have over my life now, and i'm so used to it now i just can't stop its like an addiction'
'But its not helping you Amy, and you know its not, its killing you' I said, trying not to raise my voice.
'I know this Frank, but i've been doing it for so long its just like a routine now'
I took her hand, 'please Amy, for me, just try to help it out a bit, even if its eating little stuff, just for me, i'll help you out as much as i can'
I didn't want her to end up killing herself.
It was frustrating how much what someone does to you can make you like this, what happened to her was none of her own fault, so theres no way she should be punishing herself like this.

'I'll try Frankie, i'll try' She said, her big hazel eyes looking upto my face.
I took her into my arms and she snuggled into my chest. We sat there for a while. This was nice.
She let go and looked upto me, 'Frank you know that i'm not just with you cause your famous don't you? I do genuinely like you'
'I know Amy, I can tell, I've been around a lot of fake girls who try and get to us for our fame and your not one of them, i know your not, your different'
She cuddled back upto me and I could feel her smile into my chest.

'Now, how about some waffles!' I suggested.
'Mm that sounds good, i'm sure i'll manage one' She said and got up to lead the way into the kitchen.
She opened the cupboard and pulled out the waffle mix.
'Wow you sure have a lot of food to say you don't eat' I said, kinda feeling bad about saying it afterwards.
She giggled, 'I can't make it look obvious though now can i'
We prepared the waffle mix and put them in the machine, we licked the bowl out while they cooked. My favourite thing ever. But then Amy found it funny to throw the mixture at me. Greaaaat.

She did puppy dog eyes to me, 'sorry frankie'
How could i not forgive that! 'Aw its okayyy' i said just as i grabbed a handful of mixture and splashed it on her face.
'OH YOUR FUCKIN ON IERO!' she yelled at me, she jumped onto my back, and put the bowl on my head.
I dropped her on a chair, 'ow my gosh, my hair! i cant believe you did that, i only washed it this morning!'
'Aw nevermind Frank, 2 showers in one day won't kill ya' she said and giggled, 'top of the stairs, towels are in the cupboard'
I scrunched my face up and stuck my tongue out, she did the same back.
I went upstairs and jumped in the shower, making sure i got every single bit of mixture from my hair.
When i was done i went back downstairs with the towel around my waist.
Amy had her mouth full, 'wheres my waffles' i said.
'Umm sorry i got a bit carried away, i'd forgot how good they were' she said between swallowing mouthfuls of food.
'Dont worry about it, i'm just glad you've got some food down you' I said with a smile. She smiled back.

Amys P.O.V

Well I like the look of that.
Mmmmm Frank Iero in nothing but a towel, i think i've just died.

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