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Empty With You

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-drug use- my 2nd MCR fic. This one a little bit more realistic. Everything that happenes in FICTIONAL I'd like to say first.

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Heya! Woop! New story. I figured, if I have a break from my other one I will get more ideas for it later. Please don't give me hate because Bert is in this. I like him. I like The Used. and I don't hold anything against them. But please just read. Maria oxox

"THANK YOU! WE ARE... MY... CHEMICAL... ROMANCE!" I shouted to the crowd, I felt on top of the world right now. I was drunk out of my mind and knew as soon as I got off of the stage I could go see my best friend and get loaded.

I watched as Frank chucked his guitar pick into the crowd followed by Bob's drum sticks flying through the air into the pool of screaming kids.

I walked off stage stumbling a bit, "That was brilliant." I put an arm around Mikey's shoulder.

"Gerard. How much did you have to drink?" Ray said.

"Just a little bit," I tripped over my own two feet and landed on my ass on the floor.

"Gee!" I heard Bert shout exitedly over the racket back stage. I looked up and his grinning face appeared above me, a hand held out.

I grabbed it and pulled myself up hugging him, "I haven't seen you in ages." He said, a little less drunk then I was.

"Just... erm.. come back to the bus when you are done... okay?" I heard Mikey say.

"Byyeeee." I said as we walked off toward The Used's tour bus.

"Like the hair." Bert said ruffling my now jet black long stragily hair.

"Look'slike yours." I said slurring my words a little.

"Exactly." Bert's grin widened, if that was possible, we had known each other for a few years now and we were unseparable when he came on tour with us. Yes. I did go to his bus to get my fix of coke. Or to get more booze after the others tried to hide mine.

But he seemed to always be there so I could fall back on him. The Used were the reason we had Bob, the amazing Bob Bryar as our drummer.

We opened the door and got up the steps to his band's cluttered tour bus. Sober I would have commented on the mess, and lack of hygiene. but i was rarely sober now. So this didn't bother me.

"Gee." Quinn came to greet me, a bottle of beeer in one hand, roll up in the other, He had the calm glaze of 'high' over his eyes, as he laughed at something nobody said.

Bert sat down at their little table,crushed and made the lines of cocaine for the two of us to have.

He patted the seat next to him, "At the same time?" he asked.

"Like always." I grinned.

We went along the first line at the same time. Sitting back as the tingly feeling spread through my veins, buzzing under my skin.

*Mikey's POV*

Gerard need help.

But he wouldn't even admit it to himself. Or to any of us.

I had to act the older brother most of the time, checking to see if he actually woke up in the morning.

I sat with Frank on our bus playing a video game, Ray was in his bunk on the phone to his girl friend, Bob was in his sleeping.

"Frank. Can we talk about Gerard?" I said, taking a sip from my coke-a-cola bottle.
He paused the game and turned to me, "Sure." my best friend ran a hand through his multicoloured hair.

White-blonde on either side with a long strip of black in the middle, longer then the rest.

"We need to get him some help. I mean.. now Bert is back."

"I know." he sighed, you rarely saw Frank upset or down, but Gerard semmed to make that happen a lot recently, "But if he wont even admit to him self that he has a problem, we can't do much."

I rested my head on the table, "I don't care. He needs to stop" I said quietly, Mom and Dad knew about the pills but, we'd yet to break the news about the coke.

Frank rubbed my back, "Come on. He will. He just needs to realise what he is doing is wrong. That will take time." I looked up as Ray climbed down and joined us.

*Gerard's POV*

A Few hours later Bert, Quinn and I were outside, loaded, we had music blasting out from the bus as loud as possible and no one from the venue had come to complain... yet.

We sat on the ground giggling like maniacs. I'd tried what ever Quinn was smoking and I swear I was seeing things.

Bert looked at me, his unfocused eyes watching something behind me. He put his finger to his lips and pointed behind a group of buses. One of the security men had heard us.

Laughing we got up and ran as fast as we could. Which wasn't very as we were all drunk as hell. We ran in zig zags to where I knew the My Chem bus was.

"Shhh..." I laughed and I opened the door carefully, thinking the others would be alseep, "Oi, Bert that's my leg, leggoo." I moaned as I fell into the cupboard opposite sending the coffee mugs crashing.

The lights flicked on and as my eyes sort of focused I saw the faces of my band mates and Brian -our manager-

Oh shit.

how was it? I'm going to continue. and note I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO GET HIGH OFF OF COKE. I sorta guessed. please no hate just love :) the more love the more likely I'm going to upload more.
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