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Chapter 2

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*Frank's POV*

We had all gone to our bunks, with Brain taking the seat near the table, when a loud crash and giggling woke us all up. Gerard was back.

"Shhhh... Bert, you'll wake them up" I heard Quinn laugh and he dragged Bert away from our bus, I could hear them running away.

Mikey was the first up and out of bed, followed by Brian and the rest of us. We flicked the lights on and he was laying on the floor of the bus, little cuts on his arm where he'd shieled himself from the falling coffee mugs which now lay broken around him.

He looked up, blinking, not really seeing any of us. Brian held out his hand and hauled him to his feet.

Gerard stood and swayed, threatening to fall again, Ray put his arms under his shoulder and helped him sit down.

"What did you take?" Brian bent down on his knees to look him in the eye.

"I'unno." He laughed, "But it feels funny." He laughed more, "Do we have any more beer?" He asked, looking around at our sorry excuse for a kitchen.

"No." Brian said, lying, "You can't have any more tonight."

"But I want some!" He snapped back, half growling. This wasn't the Gerard I knew, this wasn't the Gerard I met a few years ago.

"Gee... Come one, seriously, this isn't what you want." I said calmly, as I could, trying not to yell at him.

"Well right now it is!" Gee stood up a bit to quickly and managed to stumble past us before puking up outside of the bus.

We all got out and he was on his hands and knees being sick, well at least it was getting out of his system.

Brian sighed, "Come on, lets get you to bed." he said crouching down when he'd finished emptying his stomach. With help from Bob he got Gerard into his bunk, and we all settled down to sleep again.

Though, I did hear Mikey get up a few times to check on him.

*Gerard's POV*

Light made it's way through the thin curtain covering the entrance to my bunk. It hurt my eyes and made them sting.

I swung my legs out, not hearing anyone else awake yet, and got out, stumbling a bit and made my way to our small toilet before throwing up into it.

"Gerard? Are you okay?" I heard what I think was Ray call from his bed.

"M'fine" I said to the toilet bowl, throwing up again, the acid burnt my throat and made my nose hurt.

He came in and sat on the floor next to me. After I finished I rested my cheek on the cold seat,
"Ray." my voice croaked.

"Uh huh?" He said.

"I need help." I said quietly, I couldn't believe I'd said it. But I knew deep inside I did, this couldn't go on for ever.

"Want me to wake the others?"

"What time is it?"

"About 7." he replied, looking at his phone.

"Nah... I just need some fresh air." I said, slowly getting up, I flushed the toilet and slowly made my way out of the bus, Brian -un known to me- had cleared last night's vomit up already.

I sat with my back against one of the big wheels behind the bus, the cool summer morning breeze running through my hair.

I must have fallen asleep again, because when I opened my eyes Mikey and Frank were sat either side of me silently.

I rubbed my head, it was pounding.

Frank looked at me and smiled a little "Morning sleepy head. Ray said you were out here."

I didn't ignore my best friend, I really wanted to say something to Mikey.

"Mikey, look... I-I'm sorry. I'm going to stop." I said shaking.

He had been playing with a rock the whole time, "You say that everytime." he muttered.

I reached out to touch his hand but he pulled away, "Mikey." I sighed, "Mikey." I said stronger, I lifted his chin up to make him look at me, "Mikes, I mean it this time. I really do. I'm going to end this all with Bert, and focus on getting clean. Focus on the band more."

"Really?" He said, believing me, I really meant it this time. I hugged him, pulling my little brother close to me.

"Really really." I said.

Is this anygood. I had to end on a high note today... feeling a bit low. M oxo
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