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Chapter 3

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Huh, no reviews for the last chapter... Fine. I might cut this one short, and start another. yes all I am gonna write is MCR fics.

*Gerard's POV*

That first night was the worst.

It was our first night where we didn't have to preform, so I had nothing to fill my time with. I sat on the bus, the others had gone out to go get food, fiddling with the coke can I was drinking out of.

I need alcohol. Or my pills, I could see my hands tremble from withdrawl.

Ray and Mikey came back carrying the boxes of pizza, Frank and Bob behind carrying large bottles of coke and lemonade.

They said that if I wasn't drinking neither were they, well they wouldn't drink in front of me.

This was my problem, not theirs., they didn't have to do this, yet they chose to.
I didn't deserve friends like them.

"Okay, we have..." Ray put down his stack of boxes, they'd bought so many, "Pepperoni, Vegi, Meat feast, Hot Americano, Margarita, Tomato, Chicken, Ham and pinapple and.... I think that is it."

"Woah, you think that's enough?" I laughed, picking myself up another can of coke.

"Nah.. Bob will eat most of it." Frank said, head in the fridge.

"I will not!" He said, kicking Frank's butt lightly, pushing the small man further into the fridge.

An hour later, we were all still sober and all crowded around the small table, 3 pizza's left untouched (would be eaten for breakfast no doubt), we were laughing our asses off at Mikey who was trying to eat a slice without picking it up. -Frank had dared him-.

There was a knock on the door, and Ray went to see who it was.

"No... he isn't here." he shut the door quickly, before any of us got to see who was there.

"Who was it?" I called.

"No one, some stupid fan." Ray replied, sitting back down.

"Gee!!!" Some one shouted, "Come out come out where ever you arrrreeee!" It was Bert, from the sound of it, he had already done the coke and drink.

"If he doesn't go I'm going to have to chuck something at him." Bob said, looking around the bus for something that could hurt him.

"Awww, Come on Gee!" He shouted again, "I know you are in there."

"Will a toaster knock him out do you think?" Bob said, I tried not to laugh, Bert was my friend but, he could be needy if I didn't join him.

"Bert, go back to your own bus." Frank stuck his head out the window and called.

"Yeah, shut up!" some one in the tour bus next to us called. I can't remember which band it was.

"Gerard oh Gerard, where art thou Gerard!?" He called, Frank poured the lemonade bottle on his head. We all burst out laughing, we opened the bus door and a soaking wet Bert Mccracken stood infront of us.

"You're no fun Gee, you not coming out?" He said grumpily.

I poked my head out, I'd been shoved to the back, "No.. Not tonight, sorry." I appologised.

"Oh? Well.. okay then... I'll just go...." He said dramatically, looking down pretending to look upset, "I'll just go back to my shitty tour bus, where no one will talk to me,Oh WHAT AM I GOING TO D-"

"Bert, go." Frank said, he was pissed with him already.

He walked off -well stumbling really- mumbling under his breath.

I felt sorry for him, he couldn't help himself, he was addicted, but so was I. I'd had shakes all day and thrown up a couple of times. The guys had done such a good job at distracting me tonight.

I checked the clock on my phone 11:05pm... Today felt like it had been so long, While everyone else sat back down, I went and put my favourite pj's on. The all one with the skeleton print. I went to my rucksack and got out my Xanax, I took two, downed with some water, just my prescribed dose today. I put them back in my bag and shoved it under my bunk -I had a bottom one-.

I crawled into bed and put my iPod on, I could feel the pills begin to work, because I'd taken the right amount the effect wasn't as strong but I instantly felt better, like I could finally sleep properly.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep, dreaming dreams I wish I hadn't.

More tomorrow I promise... OMFG I'VE NEARLY FINISHED MY BAG OF STARBUCKS BEANS! I NEED TO GO BUY MORE! love you all Maria xoxxo
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