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Chapter One~

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Frankie Iero had a troubled school life so he moved and met the dreamy Gerard Way. What will happen?

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Chapter one~

New school, new friends, new impressions... Well I hope so.
I laced up my black and red Converse and got my bag.Then looked in the mirror for the last time before I went, and fixed my smudged red eyeliner.
"Bye mum" I said, then walked out the door into the cold morning. I tried to remember the directions to my school.
"So I go.. right. Then go straight then take a left.. or was it another right? Aww fuck it," I whispered to myself. As I was about to take out the map thing I got from my mum the night before, I saw a gorgeous guy walking towards me. He looked like he was in my grade so I asked him,
"Hey uhm, do you go to ___ Public School?"
"Yeah I do. You new there?" he asked and stopped in front of me.
I blushed slightly and replied "Yup, first day today."
"Oh, well I can walk with you, if you want"
"Yeah sure." I said and smiled.
Wow, he's like an angel... gah! Stop it. He's probably not gay, so stop getting all hot for him! I thought.
Yeah, my big secret. I'm gay. Well, actually bi but mostly gay. That's why I moved. I tried to make a move for a guy I liked...

We were at my house, in my room.
"So.. We've known each other for a long time, right?" I asked Riley.
"Yeah. Why?" he answered.
"And.. you'd still be my friend no matter what, right?"
I was silent for a minute then said quietly "Cause uhm.. I like you. A lot..." then closed my eyes and kissed him lightly on the lips.
He pushed me away, disgusted and said, "Eww dude! I knew it! Ugh, I'm not like that, man." Then he walked away, leaving me there, alone.
Then, the tears came, and I was glad I was alone. I didn't like crying in front of anyone.
The next day at school was hell. Riley told everyone about it and now I was the gay, emo dude. As if just being called the emo was bad enough. And, Riley avoided me completely.
And, bunch of jocks beat me up daily, and called me a "dumb, fuckin' fag".

Fabulous life, right? So I moved.

I was remembering my old life as we walked. The guy didn't say anything anyway, so I was free with my thoughts. But my thoughts kept going back to my old school so I tried to talk to him.
"So uhm.. What's your name?" I asked.
"Gerard Way. You?" he answered and looked at me with those beautiful hazel eyes, his raven black hair almost covering his eyes before he moved it with his hand
"Uhm, F-Frank Iero." looking into his eyes made me stutter. Then I blushed and hoped he didn't hear me stutter.
"Nice to meet you, Frankie" He said and put his hand in front of me, and I shook it.
He called me Frankie.. I thought and smiled then let go of his hand and kept walking with him.
I started thinking about Gerard's eyes.
"So what was your old school like?" he asked suddenly.
"U-uhm what?" I stuttered. Ohmygod did he really ask me that?
"I asked, what your old school was like?" he repeated and smirked.
"Oh uhm well.. it was a school. You know?"
"Well people are usually stereotyped in school.. What did people call you?" he asked curiously and looked down, his hair covering his eyes.
"Uhhh I was called the uhm, emo." and also looked down, blushing a bit.
"Oh, okay. Same."
"Really?" I asked and looked at him, only now noticing what he's wearing. A Misfits hoodie, black skinny jeans, converse similar to mine. Then he looked at me and I noticed his black eye liner and pale face.
"Yeah really. Only, I don't cut... I'm afraid of sharp things.." he smiled shyly and looked down again.
"Oh. I don't cut either. It's just cause I'm always wearing black and I'm kinda a loner."

My hair went in my eyes so I pushed it away and Gerard noticed.
"Woah, you have tattoos?" he asked and grabbed my right hand. We stopped walking.
Wow his hands are soft. I thought and blushed again, nodding. He examined my hand then I put my other hand beside my first one so he could read "Halloween".
"Awesome.. that must have hurt. Why do you have that one?" He asked, still looking at my hands, while holding them both.
"Uhm cause my birthday is on Halloween." I answered and smiled then looked into his eyes without thinking.
He looked back for a minute then dropped my hands and looked down, and started walking again.
For a moment I actually thought he might be...
Nahh he couldn't be. Don't get your hopes up... I thought and started walking with him again.
Well this seems to be going well. I hope it doesn't end up like what happened with Riley..
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