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Chapter Two~

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Great, a bully. -.-*

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Chapter two~

We got to the school and went to our classes.
Kay, first is Maths. Ew...
I totally hate math. I'm actually pretty good at it but.. eh. I like music a lot more.
I walked into the classroom and went to the teacher.
"Uhm.. Hi. I'm the new kid?"
"Oh, you must be Frank Iero."
She pronounced my name wrong. She said it like, 'Yearo' almost. Sigh...
I frowned slightly and said "It's pronounced 'I-earo'.
"Oh sorry. I'm Ms. Flams. You can take your seat now." She said.
I looked around the class and found a seat near the window.
The kid next to me was looking at me curiously out of the corner of his eye but didn't say anything.
He had kinda frizzy hair and plump lips.
"Uhm hey." I said shyly.
"Hi." he answered and looked at his desk.
I looked out the window and heard the teacher talking about math stuff. I wasn't really listening.
"I'm Ray Toro.." he said some time later.
I looked back at him and smiled. He's kinda cute.. I thought as I looked at his lips again.
UGH stop thinking that way about EVERY, SINGLE, GOD DAMNED GUY YOU SEE! I thought. Then blushed and looked down again.
Ray looked at his desk again and we didn't say anything else.
The bell rang about ten minutes later and I walked out of the class without looking at him again.

I went to art thinking about Ray (I dunno why) and when I walked in, I saw Gerard. I smiled and saw he was drawing something.
I talked to the teacher for a minute then he introduced me to the class.
"Everyone, this is Frank Iero. He's new so be nice?"
Gerard looked up at me with interest.
"Okay you can go take your seat now. There's an empty one next to Mr. Way." Then he pointed towards Gerard.
I walked over to him then sat down and smiled at him.
"Hey" I said quietly and looked at what he was drawing. It was a beautiful dragon thing. So much detail... He's an artist, I realized.
"Hey Frankie" he said, concentrating on shading the drawing perfectly.
"Wow, you're good at drawing." I said while lowering my voice and looking at my desk. The teacher had started talking.
"Yeah thanks." Gerard whispered and smiled.
"So now that I've gotten through all that, today can be a free period. Draw what you want then I'll come around and check it out. And you can talk quietly to the person beside you." Said the teacher, I forget his name.
I went through my bag and found my sketch pad. Then started to draw a cute dog. I'm not so good at drawing so I just hope Gerard doesn't look at it.
But he still did. He sneaked a peek at it then went back to drawing his own picture.
I sighed and tried to make my drawing realistic, and failed. Gerard looked at my drawing again and then laughed at my disappointed face.
"Just try to remember what a real dog looks like, and remember to shade. Shading is everything!"
He tugged on the sketch pad lightly, asking if he could see it for a second. I let him take it. Then he carefully showed me how to shade properly.
"Like this, see?" he asked then bit his lip while concentrating.
I ended up looking at him, then I tried to shake whatever thoughts about Gerard's lips out of my head then he looked up into my eyes, his face closer then I thought. I felt his breath on my lips and realized I must have been leaning in too much...
I blushed a bit and Gerard and I both backed up, looking awkward.
"Fags.." said a random voice.
Me and Gerard both looked at where the voice came from, and what we saw was a tallish, blonde, muscular guy that was a couple desks away from us.
"E-excuse me?" Gerard asked, surprised and I just looked at my desk.
He plainly said "You heard me," then went back to drawing whatever he was drawing.
Great, not again. Fuck! This is JUST what I need... I thought.
Gerard handed me back my sketchpad and I mumbled a thanks then looked at what he had done to my drawing.
Then I gasped.
"Holy shit this is amazing.." I whispered as I examined it. He was right, shading is everything.
Gerard laughed quietly and said "Thanks."
Just then the bell rang. We walked into the hall.
"What do you have next?" Gerard asked as we walked.
"Uhh I think Phis. Ed." Then I checked my schedule. I was right. Then I curled my lip in disgust.
"Oh really? Same." Then he looked at me and laughed. He leaned in and whispered in my ear "Wanna ditch?"
"Yeah, but I don't wanna get in trouble.." I said.
"Don't worry, we won't get caught." he said and winked, then grabbed my arm and lead me somewhere.

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