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Chapter Three~

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Gerard and Frankie get caught by Mikey.

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Chapter three~

~Frankie's P.O.V.~
We ended up outside, by a tool shed or something.
We both sat down next to each other and for some reason, we were both laughing.
Then when we calmed down, I realized he was leaning on me. And we were totally alone.
I smiled at him.
"So what do you like to do in your spare time, Frankie?" Gerard asked, looking at me curiously.
"Uhm I like to play guitar.." I answered and looked down.
"Oh wow. I tried to and kinda failed..." Gerard said and shyly looked away.
I smiled more, then asked "Then what do you do?"
"Uhhm I like to sing..." he answered.
"Awesome. Let me hear you?"
"N-no. I don't really let people hear me sing.." Oh wow did he blush?
I was just starting to beg, but we were suddenly interrupted by a dude that had mousy brown hair and glasses.
Gerard looked at him and smiled.
"Hey, bro. This is Frankie." Gerard said and poked my cheek. I blushed and Gerard laughed.
"Hey, I'm Mikey." said the dude.
"So why are you ditching, baby bro? I thought I told you not to." Gerard said and frowned.
"Well..." Mikey said and sat down on the other side of Gerard, "I could say the same thing to you."
Gerard rolled his eyes and said "Yeah whatever."
There was silence then, "Hey Frank, you're new here, I'm guessing?" Mikey asked as he looked over at me.
I was looking down as I said "Yup, first day today, why?"
Mikey laughed quietly then stopped when he got elbowed by Gerard. "Uh just wondering, cause I haven't seen you around before." he answered.
"Uhm okay?" I got curious about those two..

~Gerard's P.O.V~
"Awsome, let me hear you?"
My eyes widened and I looked down, my face getting kinda hot.
"N-no. I don't really let people hear me sing.." I answered.
"B-" Frankie started to say, then Mikey came in and looked at the two of us.
"Hey bro. This is Frankie." I told him before he could ask as I poked Frankie's cheek and laughed.
He's so cute.. I thought as Mikey introduced himself.
He probably not gay, don't think things like that, I thought to myself then looked at Mikey.
"So why are you ditching, baby bro? I thought I told you not to." I said to him.
"Well, I could say the same thing to you." he said as he sat down next to me.
"Yeah whatever." I said as I rolled my eyes.
Frankie looked down, so Mikey looked at me curiously, then at Frankie, then at me again.
"Hey Frank, you're new here, I'm guessing?" Mikey asked, still looking at me.
Still looking down, he answered "Yup, first day, why?"
I knew what Mikey was thinking. He knows I'm gay, and almost everyone at school just guessed it. I turned down every girl that asked me out and I never asked any girls out myself. So it was kinda obvious.
That's why I was a loner. Nobody would hang out with me except Ray, and Mikey.
Mikey laughed a bit then I elbowed him and gave him a look that meant "Shut. Up."
Then Mikey said "Uh just wondering, cause I haven't seem you around before."
"Uhm okay?" Frankie said then looked at me and Mikey curiously.
I checked my watch.
"Aw shit we gotta go, the next class is about to start. I got geography, what about you, Frankie?" I asked.
"Uh.." He checked his schedule. "No I got... Music!" he smiled. His smile is so cute... I thought.
"Oh that's too bad" I said as we got up and started walking.
"Yeah, bye." Frankie said as he waved then walked faster to his class excited, leaving me with Mikey. Oh great..
"So... You like him right?" Mikey asked me.
"Ugh, why do you wanna know?" I asked, slightly annoyed.
Mikey had ruined my last relationship. He told Matt that I liked him, and now he beats me up every once in a while. Nice.
"Cause you're my brother?"
"Not a good enough answer. Don't ruin this please?"
"Okay fine..." he said, and walked to his class, leaving me to my thoughts.
Ugh, should I tell him? I just don't know.. He might ruin this for me again.. Ugh.. I thought.
I started thinking about Frankie. I couldn't help it. His beautiful hair, brown eyes, perfect lips with the silver ring in it..
I thought about him all through geography, and I was glad that the teacher didn't ask me anything, cause I wasn't listening. I was drawing him actually.
When the bell rang, I put the drawing away and walked out of the room, looking for Frankie.

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