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Chapter Four~

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Lunch and class. The two get to find out stuff about eachother :3

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Chapter 4~

~Gerard's P.O.V.~
I spotted Frankie putting some books in a locker. Well now I know where his locker is, I thought.
I walked over to him and poked his back softly, scaring him.
"Holy shi- Oh Gerard. Don't do that..." Frankie said as he turned to his locker again.
"Heheh sorry. I couldn't resist." I answered.
Frankie put away his books and closed his locker, then turned to me.
"So where's the lunch room?" he asked.
"Huh? Oh right, first day. Just follow me." I said.
I started walking through the halls, toward the lunch room, then looked behind me to see if Frankie was following me. I smiled at him then kept walking.
We got to the lunch room, got out food, then sat down a table in the corner.
I chewed the gross macaroni (I think it's macaroni..) and tried to think of something to talk about.
"So how long have you lived here?" asked Frankie.
I swallowed then smiled and answered, "My whole life. Born and raised."
"Okay cool..." said Frankie, then he took another bite of his food.
"Where did you live before this?" I asked.
"Uhh it's a town called Salem. I lived there for most of my life. Oh, there was a creepy woods on the other side of town from my house. People said it had werewolves in it but I never believed them. On weekends I went there on the bus and thought about stuff. It's actually really peaceful. People thought I was nuts to go there. They were so scared of nothing... " said Frankie. He blushed a bit for unknown reasons then ate some more.
Him talking was fascinating. He probably thought he was talking too much but I loved listening to him. Silly boy.. I thought.
"Wow, that's cool. What did you usually think about in the woods? Wasn't that a bit boring? Didn't you do anything else?" I asked and looked at him curiously.
He probably thinks I'm weird for asking him all this..
"Uhmm I just thought about whatever came to mind at the time.. And no I just sat against a tree and thought about stuff.." he Answered.
"Oh okay.."
I didn't want him to think I was weird or anything so I just shut up and ate my food for a while.
We ate in silence for a while.
"So what's your family like?" Frankie asked.
"My family? Oh it's pretty cool, I guess. I live with my brother Mikey and my mom. My dad died a while ago... But what can you do, right?" I sighed then continued.
"My mom's a baker type, so we always have a lot to eat and stuff. She's really friendly and everything. And.. Oh Mikey is like, a nerd almost. Ha.. he'd probably try to kill me for saying that but whatever. And he into everything I'm into. Manga, anime, music, and more. I love to draw, as you know. I also love to paint. And I'm probably talking to much.." I said and looked down at my now empty tray.
"Nahh, I don't care. Talk as much as you wa-"
Just then, the bell rang.
Frankie laughed.
"I guess the bell doesn't want you talking, though.." he said quietly.
I laughed then he hugged me and ran off to his class.
"Oh...kay then?" I said quietly to myself then walked to my own class.
That hug left me with questions..
Why did he do that? Does he like me? Was that just a friend hug or...
Kay, that was just confusing..

I sat in my class and tried to make sense of what had happened.
That must have just been a friend hug... And he must have ran away right after it cause he didn't want people thinking he's gay. That's gotta be it..
"Well, Mr. Way? What's the answer?"
I snapped out of my thoughts and found most of the class looking at me. What class was this?..
The girl next to my covered her mouth with her hand then whispered "683" to me.
"Uhhm the answer is 683?" I said to the teacher.
"Oh so you were listening.." she said then walked away from me. I sighed quietly.
"Thanks" I whispered to the girl next to me.
She only rolled her eyes and looked at the teacher.
I tried to pay attention in class, but my thoughts kept drifting.
Throughout the rest of the day, my thoughts kept coming back to Frankie. I tried to concentrate on my work though.
At the end of the day, I went to find Frankie.

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