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Chapter Five~

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Ooohhh Frankie came to Gerard's house... >:3

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Chapter 5~

~Gerard's P.O.V.~

I ended up bumping into Ray.
"Oh hey Gerard." he said.
"Uh hey."
"Have you talked to the new guy yet?" Ray asked.
"Frank? Yeah, why?" I asked.
"Oh just wondering."
Ray looked behind me then looked at me again and said "There he is. He's walking towards us.."
I turned around and saw Frankie wave to me and smile as he came closer to us.
Me and Ray said at the same time "Oh hey Frank."
"Uh hey." he said.
"I gotta get home or my mom's gonna freak out like last week. Bye." said Ray.
"Kay, bye." I said as he left me with Frankie.
"So how was the rest of your day, Gee?" Frankie asked, then he blushed. "I-I mean Gerard."
I laughed. So freaking cuuuuuutteee!!
"It's okay, you can call me that. And my day was okay." Except for all the daydreaming... "How about yours?" I asked, still smiling.
"It was fine." answered Frankie.
"Okay cool. So uh.. Do you wanna come over to my house?" I asked while looking at him curiously.
Frankie smiled and said "Yeah sure! That would be awesome."
I smiled more then we stared walking.
"So where is your house?" he asked.
"It's two blocks away from where I saw you this morning." I answered.
"Okay, that means you live pretty close to me. The house I was at was mine."
"Oh alright." Wow that's awesome that we're close to each other...
When we walked pass Frankie's house he stopped me and told me he needed to tell his mom that he's at a friend's for a while.
So we entered his house and I waited by the door while he dropped off his bag then went to find his mom. He came back a couple minutes later and we left again.
We got to my house and when we got inside, I threw my bag on the couch.
I turned to Frankie again.
"Wanna go down to my room?" I asked him.
"Y-your room? Yeah sure" he said, surprised.
"It's that door right there" I pointed to my bedroom door "you can just go down there. I gotta talk to Mikey for a sec. Oh and it's kinda dark down there so be careful?"
"Okay.." Frank answered.
He left me and I went upstairs and opened Mikey's door.
He looked up from the comic he was reading.
"Hey bro. What's up?" he asked and looked at his comic again.
"Frankie and I are in my room. Don't come down there and don't get any ideas of what you think we're doing. 'Kay?"
Mikey slowly grinned as thoughts came into his head then he looked at me evilly.
"Heh... Hard not to get any ideas..." Mikey said. "Okay whatever, I'm not gonna bother you two. I don't wanna see anything I'll regret." Mikey shuddered.
I rolled my eyes and gave him the finger then closed his door and went to my room.

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