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Chapter Six~

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Frankie's memories. *Any questions about it, go ahead and ask*

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Chapter Six~

~Gerard's P.O.V.~
I went down to my room and found Frankie looking at my drawings intently. He didn't notice that I walked in. I grinned, walked up behind him, then whispered in his ear "Hey Frankie."
He jumped and turned to me so quick, he almost knocked off my drawing from my dresser. He was blushing.
"Dammit, Gee! Stop doing that!!" he cried out and I laughed harder then I already was.
"Sorry dude. I do that to everyone, it's just funny.." I said between laughs.
He just huffed and sat on my bed.
I saw that he was upset and I sat down next to him.
"I'm sorry, Frankie." I said quietly.
He looked over to me and sighed.
"It's okay.."
I looked down, curious of why he reacted so weirdly. No one acts like that when I scare them. They just are a bit annoyed and laugh it off. Why is he like that? Ugh I probably shouldn't think too much of it.. It's probably nothing. Just sensitive is all...
"You're a really good artist.." Frankie said, bringing me from my thoughts.
"Oh uh thanks."
"No problem..."
There was an awkward silence then I noticed a long scar on his arm. I looked at it curiously then he saw me looking at it and covered it with his hand. I looked up at him and he was blushing and looking away.
"Uh how did you get that?" I asked.
"Well... Uhm..."

~Frankie's P.O.V.~
Woah, Gee is a master at drawing..
I looked at how he drew the almost complicating lines then shaded around them to create a beautiful drawing a girl walking through a cemetery. There was smoke surrounding her and it looked like she was looking for someone.
Then suddenly I felt warm breath on my ear, giving me shivers.
"Hey Frankie."
I shivered at the feeling of Gee's breath against my ears then turned around, almost falling over and taking the drawings with me.
"Dammit Gee! Stop doing that!!" I said.
I don't think he heard me, he was laughing too much. So I sighed and went to sat on his bed.
He's just like.. No I don't wanna think of that.
"I'm really sorry, Frankie." he said as he sat on my bed.
I looked at him. He looked honestly sorry so I sighed and said "It's okay.."
He was just looking down, and he said nothing.
"You're a really good artist.." I said.
He looked back at me.
"Oh uh thanks.."
"No problem..." I replied.
I looked around the room, thinking of something to say then I saw Gee looking at the scar on my arm and quickly covered it. Then I looked away, my face getting hot.
No I don't want to think of it!
"Uh, how did you get that?" Gee asked.
"Well... uhm..."
"Well?" he asked.
I sighed and looked down.
"My uncle did it when I was 13.." is all I said.
He didn't say anything, so I looked at him and he looked somewhat shocked, staring straight ahead.
He didn't move, so I waved my hand in front of his face. He blinked and looked at me again.
"Why?" Gee asked.
I sighed then I explained the whole thing.
It was the middle of the summer, and my family was visiting. I was in my room like usual, listening to The Misfits, my all time favorite band. I was looking out my window, and thinking of that girl I like, Ashley.
The music was too loud, so I didn't hear it when someone entered my room. I suddenly felt two hands squeeze my sides and I jumped and turned around.
It was Uncle Ronnie and he staggered a bit, so I thought he was drunk.
He always came up behind my and scared me. It was so annoying.
He hit my cd player and it turned off. I later found out he broke it.
"Whater you doin' in 'ere, all alone?" he asked.
"Uhh.." I didn't know how to respond.
He came up into my face and I could smell the vodka on his breath.
"You're an emo kid. No one likes you eh? What was with tha' god-awful music, eh?"
He was pissing me off, so I tried to leave, then he grabbed my arm and squished it so hard I thought I heard a crack, then sliced it with his house key. It stung like a bitch, and he was stronger than I thought he was.
"OUCH! Fuck why did you do that?!" I screamed at him.
It hurt so bad, more than I would've expected. A tear of pain fell.
It was deeper than I expected. Probably needed stitches. It ruined my Green Day shirt and my Converse with blood.
"Ha. You're crying. Too much pain for a stupid little emo kid like yourself, eh? I guess you never had the guts to do it yourself." he smirked stupidly, then turned to leave, almost tripping over my clothes.
I was so pissed off at him. He abused me whenever he could. And he was always drunk. But my mum didn't want to be rude, so she let him over whenever.
As he was turning around, I ran passed him and ran right down the stairs. I was at the front door by the time I heard him "Hey you idiot! Get back here. I gotta teach you a lesson about cleaning your room!"
He was following me and I ran out the door, I checked the road for cars, then ran across it.
"Stop running, you fucking emo!" Uncle Ronnie yelled.
I was running towards my friend Matt's house, then I heard a car horn and brakes, then a cry of pain.
By the time I heard Uncle Ronnie get hit by a car, I was already at Matt's house. I turned around, almost falling on the steps, and saw Uncle Ronnie, laying in a pool of blood in front of a car. The driver had gotten out and was standing beside him, calling an ambulancet. She was crying. I then recognized her as my friend Amy's big sister, Raven.
Then, I walked closer to them, feeling faint. Then I passed out on the grass. The last thing I saw was Matt with a look of horror.
I wasn't too good at looking at other people's blood, only my own. And I also lost a lot of blood from the cut I had.
I had woken up in the hospital, and my arm felt completely numb. Good pain killers I guess. Then I fell asleep again, right after my mum told me that I was gonna be fine. She was crying.
"...A couple years later we moved here, we couldn't stand living in that house with those memories."
I had whispered all that, and I was crying. As soon as I realized it, I wiped the tears away and rubbed my arm.
Before I knew it, Gee wrapped his arms around me and pulled my to his chest. I cried harder, letting it all out. I couldn't help it. I didn't care if I didn't want people seeing me cry. I trusted Gee a lot, even though I pretty much just met him.
I really needed to cry about this for a long time, but I keep bad memories blocked from my mind if possible.
Gee just rocked my gently and tried soothing me by smoothing my hair. I cried until I couldn't anymore and I opened my eyes and saw the tear stains on Gee's shirt.
"I-I'm sorry.." I said quietly.
"For what?" he asked.
"For crying like a baby. For needing you to make me feel better. I'm pathetic, aren't I? I should just go..." I said as I tried to get away from him.
He held onto me for a minute, me wrapped in his arms, then he made me straighten up so his face was in front of his.
"You're not pathetic." he said firmly. Then he leaned in...

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