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Chapter Seven~

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Chapter Seven~

~Gerard's P.O.V.~
"You're not pathetic." I told Frankie.
I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips, moving my arms so they're wrapped around hi
He hesitated, clearly shocked. So I started to back away and let go of him, then he surprised me but pushing his lips to mine, hard. I held on to him again and he put his hands around my middle. We kissed more. Our breathing became ragged, our bodies close. Somehow, I ended up laying down and Frankie was laying on top of me.
I licked his lips, and he opened his mouth. Oh god he tastes good..
I slid my hands down his body, leaving them on his hips. I was licking around inside Frankie's mouth, then I put my hands up the back of Frankie's shirt. He moaned softly and I just left them there.
Our tongues mingled for a bit then he backed away, gasping for breath. He leaned he forehead against mine, with his eyes closed. We heard nothing but the sound of our breathing.
"Ew! Omg.."
We both opened our eyes and looked at Mikey, both of us blushing. Mikey had his eyes covered with both hands and he tried walking back up the stairs. He tripped and fell, but kept his eyes closed. Then he was gone and I looked back at Frankie.
He got off me and sat next to me, and I sat up and put my cheek on his shoulder. He smiled cutely.
"So are we like.. T-together?" Frankie asked.
"Only if you want to be."
"Obviously I do..."
"Well then, you're my boyfriend." I said, looking at him.
I got butterflies when I said that. They flew 'round my stomach and Frankie kissed me again.
I kissed him back, then bit his lip playfully.
He giggled an adorable giggle. Cuter than a baby's. It was amazing to hear.
He kissed down my face, to my neck.
Then, we heard Mikey shout down the stairs.
"There's dinner."
Me and Frankie were staring in eachother's eyes, my lips were an inch apart from his.
"You staying for food?" I asked quietly.
His lip quivered, trying to decide. Then his stomach growled and we laughed.
"Food it is." Frankie said. We kissed once more, then reluctantly went upstairs. He texted his mum, letting her know that he's staying for dinner.
~After Dinner~

~Frankie's P.O.V.~
I had a hard time eating..
I'm a vegetarian. And they were having meatloaf.
I just ate the salad and potatoes that were on the side and didn't say anything.
Me and Gee were in his bedroom again. We were just cuddling each other, me pulled against Gee's chest. He had take off his shirt. I ran my hand down his abs and nuzzled my face in his neck.
He wrapped his arms around my tighter, stroking my hair gently.
"So why didn't you eat at dinner?" he asked quietly.
"Well... I'm a vegetarian..." I answered timidly.
"Oh. You could've told me. My mum would've made something that you could eat!"
"I don't really eat much anyway.." I said.
"Well still. I'll make sure my mum knows, for next time."
"Thanks, Gee.."
I kissed him.
Kissing Gerard Way... Was just too amazing. I've never gotten a feeling like the feeling I get with him before. Riley was nothing compared to Gee. It made me wonder..
What the fuck did I do to deserve this angel?!
Though I wasn't complaining, of course.

Sorry, this is a somewhat short chapter. I was having a slight case of writer's block. o.0 Sorry. But at least it's here~
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