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Chapter Eight~

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Manga/Anime store. :3

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Thanks for the auditioning, guys!!

Chapter Eight~

~Gerard's P.O.V.~
It's been almost a week since our first kiss. It was Saturday so I though me and Frankie should go somewhere.
"Well where do you wanna go?" Frankie asked me curiously.
"Hmm... Oh! There's a good anime store I know of. We should go there."
He had a puzzled look on his face.
"What?" I asked him.
"Uhhh .. What's anime?" he asked, and I resisted from facepalming.
"It's Ja-- Actually. I'll just show you."

~Time lapse~
~Frankie's P.O.V.~
We got to the store, and it had Japanese writing around inside. There were a lot of books and dvds with cartoon characters.
There was also stuffed animals, keychains, outfits, notebooks, and much more random stuff. I was actually in awe of this world I don't know about. I picked out a book, and it was backwards. Confused, I looked over at Gerard, but he was busy looking at a box that had the word "Pocky" on it and it had strawberries all over it. I looked at the book again.
'Bleach'. It had a girl with short, black hair on the back. Well I guess it was the cover... She had a weird look on her face.

Almost like she was pissed off. I flipped through the book and found out it was a comic. It had instructions of how to read it the 'back' so I tried reading it. It was cool.
I put it back and looked at all the books. There was a lot of books with the name of 'Naruto'. I picked one up and looked at the 'back'. It was about ninjas.
Not interesting.. So I put it back.
I looked at Gerard again and he was looking at the merchandise. I went over to him. I saw a notebook with the word "Deathnote" on it in weird lettering. It looked really cool.
"Want me to get you that?" Gerard asked.
I walked back to the books and found the series called "DeathNote". I picked up the first volume and looked at it. A guy with a huge scythe, and a creepy monster... thing. It was about an evil note book that got into the hands of a guy and it originally belonged to a 'Shinigami'. Looked interesting..
"That's one of my favorite mangas."
I turned around and saw a beautiful girl. She was a bit shorter than me, with shoulder length, curly, red hair. She had bright blue eyes that I could stare into for almost forever. She was wearing a blue and purple leopard print shirt with a pink skull on it, a short red plaid skirt with fishnet stockings, a jean jacket and a studded bracelet. I had the feeling she wasn't a good girl...
"Oh cool... I'm not too familiar with this stuff..." I said.
"Oh really? I'm a huge fan. I love Bleach, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, DeathNote, Vampire Knight, .Hack, anything you can think of, really. My favorite is probably Bleach though. I have a Rangiku cosplay outfit. Costed a lot of money, but it was worth it."
"Made a friend, Frankie?" I heard Gerard say.
"Uhh yeah.."
"I'm Natalie, nice to meet you guys." the girl said.
"You too. Nice name by the way." I said. "I'm Frank and this is Gerard."
"Hello!" said Gee.
"Woah, Gerard. I've seen you here before." Natalie.
"Yeah I've seen you too.. " he replied.
I walked over to the merchandise part again. I saw some really cool stuff. I actually was tempted to buy that DeathNote. Or that stuffed doll that was like, a guy in a black and white uniform and bright orange hair and he was holding a huge sword, even though I had no clue what anime it came from.
I looked back at Gerard and Natalie, and I felt slightly jealous. They were very excitedly talking about anime and manga and I had never heard of this stuff until today. I felt like she was stealing my Gee..
No wait.. He's not mine...
I sighed then went back over to them.
"....Ulquiorra's release form? I haven't seen that far yet! I was busy with school and stuff. Don't ruin it for me! Oh hey Frankie, where'd you go?" Natalie asked me.
"No where... Are we going yet, Gee? I don't really feel all that good..."
"Are you okay, babe?" Gee said and hugged me. "Yeah, we can go home now. I just want to buy my Pocky and a book."
"Okay.." I said
"Here's my number. Call me whenever.."
"Thanks Nat," Gee said then went over to pay for his stuff.
"He likes me, you know. After I'm done with him, he'll never want someone like /you/.
"You only think that. Wait till you get to know him.." I said, then walked away from her.
Then, Me and Gee left.
When I got home, I cried myself to sleep.

Grr.. I have like, depression or something. So it was hard for me to actually write this. And I'm kinda sick, but I'll keep writing!
Also, I might write another story. With like, Gerard and LynnZ.
Yes or no? ;o
OH and sorry MCRmygirl for using your character like that... XD
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