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Chapter Nine~

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Chapter Nine~

~Gerard's P.O.V.~
Frankie was in a rush to get home.. I hope he's okay..
Maybe I should call him? Yeah I'll do that...

When I called him, there was no answer.
I got worried but knew I was gonna see him tomorrow. I always stop by his house in the morning.
When I went to sleep, I had dreamed weird things, like always.
"Oh god, are you okay??" I asked, worried.
"I'm.. just fine.. Gee.." I heard Frankie say sleepily.
I saw him on a hospital bed, with an IV. When I noticed the needle sticking out of his arm, I cringed. Then walked closer to him and hugged him carefully.
I saw him smile weakly.
"Don't.. cry for me.. Gee.."
I then noticed moisture in my eyes and wiped it away with no luck, because more followed.
I kissed his cheek gingerly.
He smiled more and whispered quietly "I love you ..Gee, more than .. words can ..explain. But now ..that I'm going to ..die, you ..can have ..Natalie. It all works out, ..I can escape and can have her.."
I looked at him, crying heavily now.
"I don't want Natalie though, I love you!" I told him. doesn't he understand?
I saw him starting to slip away from the unknown illness.
"No!" I almost screamed at him.
"Stay with me! Frankie PLEASE!!" I begged.
It was too late. I heard the machine flatline and I sobbed uncontrollably while hugging Frankie's now lifeless body.
"No.. Frankie.. I love you.. Oh god, why!?" I cried out.

Then, I woke up crying, just like in my dream.

YES! I am continuing!! :3
Thanks guys for loving my story, I love you!! I finally got the inspiration to write. :D !!!
I'll try to update as much as I can, with both stories.
Oh, and if I make you cry with this, sorry. Actually I almost cried when writing it. D:
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