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Jet lag

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Sometimes Jet lag leads to very great things... :]

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June 2005

We were driven in a limo to a place called "Vinnie's"(It definitely sounded Italian.)They told me that they almost never rent a limo, but they did tonight because they were very happy to have me and wanted me to have a good time. They also told me that when we get back, our tour bus would be there, all ready for us. The next concert (or my first concert-- that i would perform at) was going to be this week. Though I was okay cause I already play all of Mikey's parts without looking at anything.

"Wow," I laughed as we were walking out of Vinnie's "That is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to."
"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it." He sounded very proud of himself.
We got back into the car-- I was sitting by Gerard again.
I yawned "Ugh--I'm ready to go to bed..."
"You're tired?" Fankie said a bit amazed. "It's only nine."
"I'm exhausted, actually. And I can't help it that I have jet lag" I laughed.
He laughed a bit "Right, sorry."
I leaned to the side and put my head on Gerard's shoulder " you have a comfy shoulder," I said almost half asleep.
He chuckled "you can stay here as long as you want." He put an arm around me. There was something in his voice, like he was trying to be calm, but the happiness and excitement and nervousness in his voice could still be heard--like he was happy to have me be lying on his shoulder . I laughed to myself, I needed more sleep than I thought; I was hallucinating.
"Mmh...thanks." I smiled and drifted off to sleep in the arms of the one who had ripped me apart piece by piece and had no idea at all.


Sorry it took so long to update O.O I've been studying for Midterms for a week straight so...yeah.
And sorry this chapter is so short, but the next one is longer :D
Blahh I gotta come up with some new names for the chapters cause too many of them are named the same thing D: But I suck naming they're gonna be stupid :/
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