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First Time Performing

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Don't you hate it when you like someone A LOT and they say something to you as a joke, but you take it waaay to personally?

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June 2005

"Whop!!" I blurted as I fell onto the floor of the bus.
I heard all of the guys bust out in laughter.
"Ugh, I knew it was going to take me forever to get use to these beds..."
I heard someone walk up to me ", I can't believe you fell." Gerard laughed and helped me to get up.
I tried to laugh off my embarrassment again. I looked up to find a clock-- once it found one it said: 3:24p.m. "I seriously slept that long?!"
"Well, it's good your rested. The concert is tomorrow-"Ray started to say, walking towards us "-Tomorrow?!" Yesterday when they told that it was this week I was somehow okay with it. Maybe it was because everything felt like a dream; and that i thought by the time that that night would come, I would have already woken up.
"You'll be fine, Ari, you said you know all the tabs(is that what they're called? Idk...) to all of our songs." Gerard said. I was so scared that i didn't think to much about the cute little nickname he had just given me.
"I do..but..."I started shaking ",I..I can't believe that by tomorrow I'll be preforming! What if i get so nervous that I forget the tabs?! What if-" "-Aria-- YOU'RE. GOING. TO. BE. OKAY." Frankie said to me, trying to help me get a grip.
"...I think I'm gonna throw up," I said and charged for the bathroom.

After my hair and makeup was done and I had gotten into my pretty, puffy skirt, I went searching for Gerard's dressing room.
When I found it I knocked on the door.
"Come in," I heard him say and I opened the door. When Gee saw me he just kept staring, I gave him a strange look but he seemed to ignore it.
"Wow, look amazing," He smiled.
"Thanks..." I was so nervous I couldn't even feel about him saying that i looked amazing. I felt no signs of hyperventilation coming on.
"Is everything okay?" he asked me.
"What do you do when you're so nervous you could just curl up in a ball...and die?"
"...Get drunk" he laughed.
I narrowed my eyes "No way."
"Yeah, I wouldn't want you getting into all that."
"Of course not, Dad." I said sarcastically.
"Hey, you're calling me old by calling me your dad. I'm more of your older brother." He had no signs of joking in his voice like i did when i called him 'dad'. I tried to ignore the fact that that hurt me. I just decided to hug him and go back to the topic of nervousness.
"I'm so scared," I said helplessly.
"You're going to be perfect, Aria." he assured me, but I didn't listen.
"What if they pelt me with their shoes and 'boo' at me?"
"You're too awesome to not be liked," he said in a silly way, but he was serious.
"What if they hate me cause they think I'm taking Mikey's place forever?"
"I'll be sure to tell them that you're not."
The door suddenly opened. "What's going on here?" Frankie said, joking.
I unattached from Gee and went up to Frankie. "Can I have one last hug , Frankie? Before I die from angry fans throwing shoes at me?"
"You can have a hug anytime," he said as I reached for him.
I let go of him much quicker than Gee. "Thanks Frankie. I'm off to go find Ray and Bob."
Frankie said something I didn't pay any attention to. I just walked out of the room feeling like nothing more than a little sister.

"You were amazing!" Gee said to me after the show.
"Really?!" I smiled at him. "And thanks for giving me that little introduction and saying that I wasn't taking Mikey's place forever! I think I saw a few people in the front row put their shoes back on."
He laughed "I didn't do anything. Why would anyone 'pelt' such a beautiful and talented girl like you?" he laughed again and put his arm around me.
I was tempted to say ",you mean as your little sister?"
Sorry for giving you guys such a short chapter yesterday :/
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