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It's Hard to See Clearly When I Make You Angry

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Much Gerard love. Or not love. More math. Gerard makes a joke and Frank takes it all wrong. Frankie's tried of nodding. And much awkwardness for Frank.

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Chapter four

Frank's mom grinned at him as she started the car. Gerard had even helped with the wheel chair and getting Frank into the car. Gerard had also introduced himself, very shyly too. 
As they peeled out of the parking lot she said to him, "That Gerard. You know, I like him already"

"So Gerard, he's your new teacher or whatever they call it?" his mom questioned as they settled in. They sat in the living room. She, sprawled across the couch with her head propped against the back. Frank was in the overly large arm chair with his feet propped on the ottoman.
He nodded. There really wasn't a word for his caretakers, not that he knew of, not that didn't sound stupid or very preschool. Caretakers sounded so preschool, which fit he supposed, as that was how he was treated. 
"Is he permanent? Do you think?" she drilled on.
He wished he could shrug, but he'd have to settle for second best, a nod. 
"Well he's a keeper."

As the night grew on and on Frank got progressively more sleepy. And his lids got heavier and heavier, to the point where it was no longer possible to keep them up. 
Finally his mother caught on. 
"Time for bed?"
It wasn't even a question, so he didn't even respond. 
His entire life it seemed, was filled with yes or no questions, of nodding or shaking his head. 

The next day it was more fun with math and the overly excited Gerard. Get one question right and it seemed like Frank had solved all the world's problem.
They had moved on to subtracting, Gerard assured him that he was fairly sure Frank understand simple math, but he needed to do it anyway. Whatever. 
They had a new system already. Blink once for every number leading up to the first digit, pause, then do the same for the next digit, or digits. 

It was lunch time now. Lunch was always awkward. Most people enjoyed lunch time. Those people would be the people with working hands. 
Gerard wheeled him outside after plopping a tray of double foods in Frank's lap. 

It was warm and sunny outside. There was a slight chill, but it was hardly noticeable. 
They sat under a maple, it's leaves changing to a burnt orange with hues of warm yellow, swaying in the breeze. 
Gerard sat on a stone slab next to Frank, hand feeding him pizza, it was making Frank uncomfortable. Not that Gerard hadn't had to feed him before, and it had been just as awkward then. 
"Frank, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I don't mind."
It made Frank feel a little better, but it didn't stop the flow of pink to his already slightly tinted cheeks. 
After Frank finished his pizza Gerard held up a juice bottle questioningly. Frank nodded, and Gerard pressed the mouth of the bottle to Frank's lips, where he chugged it dry. 
"Oh, Frankie-boy, it's a nice day, huh?"
And it was, especially for November. Frank quit responding though he was so sick of nodding.
"The mute boy goes muter." he kidded, playfulness laced in his tone "I get it though. It's okay." He said seriously. 
And Gerard probably did get it. He had a strange second sense. But Frank didn't like what Gerard had said. Sure, he could take a joke, but that one struck an odd note in him. 
He turned his head so he was racing away from Gerard. He stared unseeingly at the woods beyond. He wondered about all the things he was missing. 
"So how 'bout some math?"
Still nothing. 
"I feel the same way about math, too."
It wasn't math that Frank minded, and they both knew it.

Thank you so much everybody! Much love to all of y'all. Seriously, your reviews and rates make me so fucking happy. They make my lame-ass lazy-ass sit down every study hall, and every free bit of time I get and write it out. 
And I've been working way into the future, and all I've got to say is:
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