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You Can Sleep In a Coffin but the Past Ain't Through With You

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The Way Bros. talk. Gerard is the master chief, Mikey is a repeat kitchen burner. Frank takes an unwanted visit to the past.

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Gerard sat in his crypt, perched on the edged of his bed, finger tapping his chin, conscenplaiting.
He was disturbed by the subtle footsteps of Mikey above. Mikey had gone out to the local diner to have a milkshake with his girlfriend, before she had to leave with her parents to go to a play.
The Ways' parents were out with some friends. Which left Gerard as chief. He rolled his eyes at the memories of Mikey repeatedly almost burning the kitchen down.  
He went up the stairs which led directly into the kitchen, to start dinner. He would make pasta, because it was easy shit. 
Mikey sat at the bar top munching silently on Oreos and occasionally dipping them in milk.
"We gotta get you a girlfriend." He said conversationally.
"First you get me a job, now you want to hook me up? No, I don't want a girlfriend." 
"Sure you don't." Mikey said disbelievingly.

"So," they sat at the table with steaming plates of spaghetti. "How's the job?" Mikey asked as he began to shove his mouth full of food. 
"Good. I've been assigned to his kid, Frank, he can't move or talk. He's a pretty cool kid though. They treat him like some fuckin' five year old. I'm trying to prove he's smarter than they all think."
And on and on he went about Frank. 
Mikey, silently noting the spark in Gerard's eyes as he talked about Frank. 

Mikey sat at his desk trying to Internet shop his girlfriend Alicia a gift. Her nineteenth birthday was coming up soon. 
His mind kept flicking back to Gee. 
Remembering how Gerard had used to be in high school. Gerard hadn't been the big brother, truly, until recently. 
He got his act together when their mom threaten to 'kick his ass out'. Yes, his mother and his brother had never had the best of relationships, it was sketchy at best. She tried to be around as little as possible because of him. 
Mikey didn't mind though, he had always liked his brother better. 
He was proud of Gee, he had be clean and sober for a six months now. 
Maybe this job would a good thing for him. 
Gerard spent the Friday and Saturday thinking about what Mikey had said. 
By Sunday he had reached a decision.
Frank sat on his spiderman bed. The ring of thick boots on wooden floor echoed throughout the apartment. 
"Frankie? Where are you?"
At the eery sound of that voice Frank ran off his bed and scurried to his closet. Shoving his  tiny body into the most cramped of places. He was shaking and quivering. 
All he could think was: Please don't let him find me, please don't let him find me. 
"Frankie. Come out, come out where ever you are." the voice cooed with false sweetness. 
The clomping was getting closer and closer. 
Frank curled in apon himself even tighter. Closing his eyes, hoping that for once the pholsephy of not seeing meant being unseen would work for him. 
"C'mon out and play!" The man's voice snarled from inside his room, that was filled with things that were for child-like innocence. Innocence the Frank had long lost. 
The closet door flung open, sliding on it's tracks so fast it slammed against the wall. 
Frank covered his ears, and pressed his eyelids shut tighter.
The man rip through the pile of clothes, throwing them every which way. 
He reached Frank, the light bathed Frank and hurt his eyes as he cowered. 
"Let's play." Was shouted. Frank stared up into the face of he man that was his father as he was drug from his hidey-hole, clawing desperately at the carpeting for help.

Frank woke up drenched in sweat and breathing hard. That dream always haunted him. There were many others too, but that one was always a repeat.  
He didn't even know if that was the day of the 'incident' that traumatized him. He didn't even know if it was real or simply his imagination. 
But in the end did it truly matter?

So I'm posting this now. Even though I hate posting late at night. 
If my school gets a snow day, I will fucking post three more chapters this weekend, even though I had Planned on this one being the last chapter this week. I'll wake up at eight, write like Hell all day, and post it.
(Oh, and I love how spell checks says my name isn't a word)
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