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Coming Home

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Chapter 16

Coming Home

The sky was already starting to show demon clouds, and then what looked like a lightning bolt, hit the parking lot. When the smoke cleared, Sesshomaru stood, and I walked up to him. "Are you done?" he asked. I nodded, and suddenly my legs left the ground. I put my arm around his neck, and leaned my head against his; we then headed into the sky.
The play had only been a fulfillment of prophecy, and 18 other schools had done the same exact play. I kept nothing from Sesshomaru, during the time I had with him; I have been happy with him, since the day I came home. I used to get wierd feelings about my original time, but that has not reapeared, since I left the time I was born in. Once we came back to the castle, Sesshomaru took me to his room, and said, "This Sesshomaru noticed that you had been pulling on the bottom of your gown, in your sleep, in the other time."
I blinked. "You mean it wasn't you?" I asked, shocked. "No, it was you," Sesshomaru said. It has been quite some time, since I arrived at the castle, and as I write this story of my life, a 10 year old half-demon boy and his twin sister, are reading a book in the library. Apparently, if a demon mates with a human, then the human, not only absorbs the powers, but lives as long as he would live.
I don't know how long it's been, since I left, but I can tell you this, Sesshomaru and I were able to clean Inuyasha's dirty language, and then we were able to get him to stop torturing himself, with Kagome. Ever since, we've been able to come more often, now that he has fixed his language, that tore the two brothers apart for centuries. Shippo would eventually bite some human, and have some kids. Rin and Kohaku never got tired of us, even though they eventually did marry. I understand, that peace is usually short, before another long war, but even if that is true, I plan to enjoy every spare moment of the peace.

The End

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