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The Play

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Chapter 15

The Play

My lines seem to come easy, and at four, I was heading home. As I left the building, I noticed Yeyi leaving the Detention building. Yasha and the girl named Kagin noticed it too. "You get too friendly with him anyway," Yasha said. "Yeah, like you can talk," Kagin said. Yasha got quiet. "I know what side he gets his personality from," I thought. "See you two lovebirds tomorrow night," I said. I then headed towards home.
That night, after I was laying against Sesshomaru, again, the lights were out, and I felt something slide up against the side of my face. I grabbed the clawed hand, and leaned into it. I then told him, in my thoughts what would happen in the play. He said to me, that tomorrow night, the crest would be almost halfway done. I just smiled and said, "So, it'll be about seven days, altogether, before it's complete." "Yes, it will," Sesshomaru said. "I'll call you tomorrow night, after the play," I said.
The following night, Yasha and Kagin were playing as Inuyasha and Kagome, and the play started with the defeat of Naraku. Someone who was always in trouble for setting up traps for the Jr. High kids, was chosen. I think he took the play a little too seriously, from the look in his freaky eye. After he was blown off the stage, by what the audience saw as Shinara, but was really a big wind fan, I got ready to get on. Yasha and Kagin were now seen, and Yasha was now playing as a human Inuyasha in the scene.
After Yasha did his part, and departed, I was put on wires,and more or less pulled to the stage, after a plastic yellow arrow headed to a fake tree. I took the arrow out,and the piece of paper off the arrow. I was wearing a pink and red kimono, with a red belt, and I followed the script, until the end. Shinara had great acting ability, but even though it looked like he had bitten me, to the audience, he never touched me. After the play, Yuyi came up to me, because she saw the crest on stage, and asked, "Why didn't you tell us?" "I'm not a fan of the media," I said.
"You said, that you didn't desire it," Yuyi said. "If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, what I say, and what I mean are two different things," I said, "It's just I wish Crynil was here." "Didn't you call her?" Yuyi asked. "We lost contact three years ago. After I said my goodbyes to everyone, I walked out to the parking lot, and put the ring on. The ring had been hidden, underneath my kimono.

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