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The Start

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Chapter 14

The Start

That night, after sundown, I was pacing furiously, when I heard the window slide open. Sesshomaru stepped through, and I quickly ran up to him. "You didn't know, did you?" Sesshomaru asked, grabbing my hands. "No, but I still would have followed through," I said. I leaned up against him, and he put an arm around me.
We leaned up against the bed railing, and he said, "This Sesshomaru will have to leave, before dawn." "I know," I said. The lights went out, because my parents clapped, which always caused the entire house to turn all the lights off. I requested, "Sesshomaru, come by after the play, and we can go home in two days from today. He probably nodded, but I had no way of knowing, because it was dark.
Unlike the day, the night was very peaceful, and wierd thoughts were not going through my head, like in the daylight hours. I was awoken from a dream, about the Feudal Era, and Sesshomaru, when the alarm clock rang, I didn't expect him to be there, because I had warned him during the Feudal Era about the danger in my world. Of course I also didn't expect to see my gown up to my kneecaps, either. It didn't worry me, because after all, he had already marked me. It was Friday morning, and I got up, and got dressed. I left my parents a note, that I'd be at the autorium, until four o'clock p. m. after school. Everyone was going to have their costumes for the play, suited.
First period, languages passed slowly, but it finally did pass, and then I went to Mrs. Fox's room. She showed me some books, about Demon Mating Rituals, and during that time, I found out that any request either one of us makes, we are obliged to carry out, but there was a catch. I also found out, that no one can threaten one of us, to get to the other. The school day went by quickly,and after I was suited to my character, I noticed in the dressing room, the start of what would be the Taisho Family crest, started to appear on my shoulder.

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