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Mrs. Fox's Suggestion

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Chapter 13

Mrs. Fox's Suggestion

After everyone left, Mrs. Fox closed the door, so nobody could hear what was about to be said. "AliTaisho, are you not?" Mrs. Fox asked. "Well... yes, I am," I said. "Tell me, why have you not used your now real name?" Mrs. Fox asked. "I don't want any trouble. I just want to get to the play, do the play, and leave," I said.
"Oh, I see! You don't want any fans?" Mrs. Fox asked. "No, I don't," I said. "I understand, that you are taking a Health class during second period. Would you like to come here instead? I know that it would drive you crazy, because of the bite, if you go to that Health class, so what do you say?" Mrs. Fox asked. I suddenly noticed a Thunder Demon crest on Mrs. Fox's neck, and said, "It would help, if I didn't have to go, so yes." "Alright, then what do you say, we go track down the principle?" Mrs. Fox said.
After we found the Principle, who was in the Biology room, of all places, the three of us went to the counselor's office. She wasn't there, so we grabbed an electronic schedule, dropped the Health class, and added a Demon Rituals class in it's place. Afterwards, I went to lunch. Yuyi walked over to my place, after finishing her plate, and asked, "AliAnn, how did you learn all that information? I've been trying to figure it out for years, and you take basically three weeks off, and seem to know everything about it." "Leave me alone!" I said, giving her a death glare that could even have frightened Sesshomaru himself." "If you won't tell me, then at least tell me what books you got the information out of," Yuyi said. "There is none," I said. "Fine! If you want to keep it to yourself," Yuyi said. Yuyi walked off, in a huff, and Shinara came up and said, "Mrs Fufu said, that we need to sit together, to be in line with the script." "Have a seat, I said. Shinara sat down accross the table from me.
The cafeteria was already full of chattering people, when the obnoxious athletes came in, to make it louder. "How is it? Does it still sting?" Shinara asked. "Yeah, but it's only the first day," I said.

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