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Pop Quiz

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Chapter 12

Pop Quiz

After I came to class, and took my seat, Mrs. Fox came in. Mrs. Fox had teal eyes, and a long ponytail; she also wore a blue-green dress that had spinning tops all over it. As she came to the podium, she said, "Open Book, Pop Quiz today! Who can tell the class what happened in Sesshomaru's forest, the night Royachan lost it's way?" The entire class raised their hands; mine was raised as well, but she chose Yuyi. "According to legend, AliTaisho was marked at a tree by Lord Sesshomaru," Yuyi said.
"How long does the link last?" Mrs. Fox asked. Half the class along with mine raised their hands. Mrs. Fox chose Shinara, this time. Shinara said, "It lasts for all eternity." Mrs. Fox asked twenty-five more questions, and then asked, "Where does AliTaisho wind up living, after the play, and does she travel?" This time I was the only one, who raised my hand.
Mrs. Fox called on me, I stood and said, "AliTaisho leaves her time, to live with Sesshomaru, at his castle in the West, and is given a ring to call him, when she is ready to return. She will also follow him anywhere." I could hear the entire class flipping through their books. Mrs. Fox continued to ask me questions, until Yuyi raised her hand. Mrs. Fox said, "AliAnn you may sit down. Yes, Yuyi?" I sat down, and Yuyi stood up.
Yuyi asked, "Mrs. Fox, what page number is all this information on?" "It's not in the book that you have," Mrs. Fox said, "Now take a seat." Mrs. Fox grinned at me. I grinned back, realizing the trick she had just pulled, to lure me out. Mrs. Fox said, "Now for the lesson."
We read more in our book, then we answered questions, but it wasn't until the end of class, that one of my questions that I had in my head, was answered, from a reading. It was Yuyi's turn to read, and while she was reading, she said, "Both sides of a mated pair, must succomb to all requests of their partner. There is nothing either side can do to stop this, once the girl is bitten by a demon." It suddenly dawned on me. That was why Sesshomaru had acted so oddly, when I made my request to him; I had subjected him to my will, without knowing it. It was ten minutes till lunch, and Mrs. Fox said, "Class is dismissed."
Everyone was used to being let go to Lunch early, so the class obliged. I was getting my books put away. Mrs. Fox said, "AliAnn, I'd like to speak with you." I then walked up to the desk.

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