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Chapter 11


Shinara said, "Listen the cameras have been broken for two weeks, and it'll take another two weeks for repairs to get here. Now answer the question." "Fine! But please don't tell anyone. I don't want a swarm of fans around," I said. Shinara nodded. "You're right, I haven't been looking at the script. I haven't even been in this time. I was thrust into the fuedal era, where I met your ancestor," I said. "Exactly as this Shinara thought. You got bit by him, didn't you?" Shinara asked. I nodded. "This Shinara could tell from the change in your scent, exactly what had happened. This Shinara will keep the secret between demons and you. If this Shinara can smell it, Yasha can too,"Shinara said. "I understand," I said. Shinara said, "Welcome to the family!" After he left, I thought, "Does that mean that Yeyi, the wolf, whom, Yasha had just punched him to a wall knows too?"
I headed back to the cafeteria, and a cafeteria lady, told the principle, "I wittnessed the entire thing. Yeyi insulted Yasha's family!" "Is that so?" the principle asked. The principle stared at Yeyi. Shinara walked up, and said, "I'd like a word with my cousin, and this wolf."
"Shinara, there is no need. I'll talk with you, after I speak with these two," the principle said, looking at Shinara. "What?!" Yasha steamed. "Yasha, you need not worry. "You" are not in trouble, but I do need to speak with you," the principle said. As the four of them left the cafeteria, the bell rang.
I headed towards my least favorite subject of all time, math. I had never done well in Algebra, but for some reason, I did worse than normal. As I left the room after class, I was the second to the last person. I had told the math teacher to be aware, that I probably wouldn't be using much Math in the future, especially Algebra, but she didn't catch on. She said, that I should still try.
As I then had to leave, I went to my History class. I had heard through the grapevine, during Break, that the class had been studying, for the last week and a half, about demons and their mating rituals. After having first hand experience with these rituals, I knew exactly what was going on in the class.

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