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Meeting the Players

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Chapter 10

Meeting the Players

My mom had told the school the truth, but the school told the students, that I was taking some time off to practice my lines. I believe they said that to keep reporters away. I found out, that health classes would be canceled, until after Lunch, when I arrived. I was relieved to hear that, because my mind was going berserk, with some thoughts, that the school, surly would not aprove of, if they knew. I was in the eleventh grade, even though I was only sixteen, but it seemed, that the teachers had no clue as to whether I was marked, or not.
I had a white pad on my left shoulder, so as to make sure it didn't sting too much. I had learned that a boy named Shinara was playing as Sesshomaru in the play, and I thought it would fit his personality, or at least that was what I heard; I had yet to meet him. I was slightly interested in meeting him, but Shinara was not the first one I saw. It was breaktime, and the Principle had left to chase down a Jr. High kid.
Someone yelled, "YOU'RE THE STUPID ONE!" The one that yelled, was suddenly thrown into a wall. A boy aged fifteen was standing where the other boy had been punched from seconds before. A young teen girl, aged fourteen, yelled, "ENOUGH!" the fifteen year old, suddenly stopped running, and looked back.
The boy had long, black hair, and wore the Inuyasha crest on the sleeves of his red shirt, and also wore jeans, with white sandels. The girl said, "Come on, let's go see Mrs. Fufu, Yasha. Besides, that boy won't learn. His head is too thick." The girl wore a green shirt, and blue jeans, and had long dark hair. I could tell, even though he was trying to hide it, that Yasha was the desendant of Inuyasha and Kagome.
Suddenly a voice said, "AliAnn, come with me." I turned around and was faced with who I knew was Shinara. I stood there for a second, and Shinara said, "I'd like to ask you something." We went to the track, and Shinara asked, "You haven't been working on lines during your absense from school, have you?" I stood there and realized who he was, when I looked at him. Shinara had dyed, long, silver hair, and had a white kimono on, which was similar to Sesshomaru's but that's not what gave him away. On his forehead, was a light purple cresent moon.

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