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The Return

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Naraku killed Kagura, he killed Naraku, and Toran left years ago. Is this the end of the Taisho family, or does another future time hold a secret?

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Notes: My apoligies for not posting since whenever; had a lot of computer problems and disk vanishings!

Chapter 9

The Return

A few hours later, I was standing in the castle in the west. Jaken was still knocked out, and Sesshomaru had gotten a servant to take Jaken to his room. The moon on my forehead, had completely vanished, when Sesshomaru had bitten me. Sesshomaru was now leading me to his room. He pulled out a ring, with the Taisho crest on it, out of a drawer.
"Take this! Put it on, when the play is over," Sesshomaru said. I took the ring, without question, and nodded. "This Sesshomaru will come over during the nights, until the play," Sesshomaru said. "Alright, but don't let anyone see you. You think Monks, Demon-Slayers, Priests, and Priestesses are bad? There is something in my world, that is at least 100 times worse," I said.
I couldn't figure out at the moment, why he was acting like I had subjected him, then, but I figured there must be a reason. "I'll leave the window open. Just slide it, when you come by," I said. He then gave me a chain necklace, and said, "Until you are ready, keep the ring on here." I did as he asked. He then came up to me, and plastered his lips on mine. I have heard, that in some places, it was against the law to kiss, for more than a minute, well we stayed that way for five minutes.
After we broke, he said, "Don't use any of your powers, in your world, until after the play. If what this Sesshomaru saw is true, then something like that would only impare things." I was still gasping for breath, but I did hear him. Suddenly, a green portal appeared behind me, and Sesshomaru said, "Go!" I then jumped through the portal, and in seconds found myself back in my old room. As it was five in the morning, I realized I had time for a shower, and hopefully, without waking up the house.
I had taken baths in the Feudal Era, but I really needed to get some different clothes on. I'm sure he would have given me a kimono, sooner, but it was pretty far from our castle. At 6:00 I came out of the bathroom, and grabbed a bowl, spoon, and cereal from the lime-green kitchen. I put them on the table, and then went to the yellow dining room, and grabbed a glass, jug of milk, and a large bottle of Sunny Deforest. (Sunny Deforest is a type of orange juice.) My mom came into the kitchen, around 6:30, and said, "AliTaisho, how did it go?"
Needless to say, I was a bit shocked as to why she knew. I had a confused look on my face. My mom explained, "We knew all along, that you would be bitten by Sesshomaru." "That is why we locked the door after we left," my dad said, coming in.

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