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The Test

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Chapter 8

The Test

After Sesshomaru had let go of me, my thoughts suddenly changed. I no longer thought my time was my home, nor did I believe the house I had lived in was mine, or the school. I knew where I belonged, but I also know I couldn't let Mrs. Fufu down. It was then, that I heard something in my head, that was never there before. "Come with me to the castle," it said.
I suddenly realized, that Sesshomaru had done more than marked me, but also linked our thoughts together. I had often heard of the mating link between demons, half-demons, and humans, but I wasn't expecting what would come next. When we got back to camp, Jaken was asleep again, and Sesshomaru said, "AliTaisho, you now will be tested, in moments." I definately was speechless then, I mean I understood the Taisho part, but what was I going to be tested against. Sesshomaru said, "Look at your fingers." I didn't even react, before I found myself looking at my fingers, which now had sparkling lime-green fingernails. I could feel something running through my body, which made me feel as if my fingers were going to explode. It was then that I recalled something my history teacher, Mrs. Fox had told the class two weeks ago. Whenever a demon of any sort chooses a human to mate with, some of both powers, will fuse together, and become one," Mrs. Fox had said this.
Suddenly, a large hoard of demons, came upon us. I just threw up a hand, and half of the demons were melted from lime-green poison, which came from my hand. One of the surviving demons looked at a dragon, and the dragon said, "The test is not complete!" I then pointed two fingers at the demons, and twirled my hand. A whip of light came out of my two fingers, which killed the rest. Jaken was awoken by the scream of the dragon, and said, "That girl is a nuisance." "Be quiet and look around," Sesshomaru said. "What? Oh no!" Jaken said, collapsing against Ah-Un.

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