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The Bite

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Chapter 7

The Bite

It was that night, that I realized I would have to help Sesshomaru decide to bite me. Over the next two days, he had to destroy alot of demons, who had come to ask me to be their mate. We kept getting close enough, for him to bite me, but every time he backed off. I later learned that he wasn't sure, that I wanted to be his mate.
The first two days went by slowly, but the third, I had almost gotten bitten by him, but again he backed off. I stood there for a second, and then yelled, "WHY DON'T YOU FINISH WHAT YOU START?" I then stormed off, to a tree, his tree. I had noticed the thunder, and the threatening rain cloud, but I didn't care. At the tree, Bakseno said, "AliAnn, you're doing fine. Just be patient, and tell him you want him to bite you."
Before I had a chance to respond, a creature with a very large mouth appeared, and asked, "How do I get out of here? I need to get back to the Inuyasha forest." I couldn't help, but let out a snort. "You are the guard to the forest, and you're lost?" Bakseno asked. "Yeah, Royachan, you really are a dim-wit," I said. Bakseno said, "Follow the green vine; it'll take you back." A vine, which was on the ground, suddenly lit up, and Royachan followed it.
After Royachan left, a toad hopped out, and approached me. I said, "Not again. When will this end?" The toad was then split right down the middle, and Sesshomaru stood behind the now deterioating corpse. After Sesshomaru put up his newest sword, the Baksaiga, a lightning bolt hit the ground, and it was followed by rain. Sesshomaru walked over to me, and stopped inches from my nose. I wasn't trembling in the least, as most would, from rain, because I was used to rain falling on me.
"AliAnn, let's go," Sesshomaru said; he then turned and started walking away. I sighed in disappointment, and said, "I thought he was going to bite me." I continued to talk while following him; I didn't even notice that I started to get pushed backwards, until my back came in contact with the tree. When I stopped and realized where I was, Sesshomaru was staring right into my eyes, and had a smirk on his ususlly cold masked face.
I thought it unusual, at first, but then he started to uncover my left shoulder. He later told me, that I had said two words, "Do it!" The thing is I don't recall saying it, but what I do recall is him biting into me, near my shoulder. I could feel something come off his fangs, before he actually did bite into me, and when he did, I felt something flow through me. Now I could have purified him, right then and there, but I chose to become his mate instead.
After he pierced my skin, I wrapped my arms around his neck. We stood there, with rain flowing through everything we had, including his armor. I had leaned my head, against his, so he could go for anything he desired. He had his arms around me as well. It felt like we were standing there, forever, but it was only half a minute; I was okay with it lasting so long, though.

I do not own Inuyasha and characters, Rumiko Takahashi does.
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