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Chapter 6


We landed in a forest, a little bit west of the village, and Jaken was sleeping against Ah-Un, with his two headed staff in hand. "Jaken!" Sesshomaru said. Jaken got up, and asked, "What gives, milord? Huh? Why is this pathetic human here?" Sesshomaru said nothing, but stared at Jaken. Jaken said, "Fine, it's uncalled for, I supose." I could hear him grumbling under his breath, so I figured Sesshomaru could as well, even though he didn't react.
Three days later, we came to another forest, and Sesshomaru instructed Jaken to catch some fish. As we waited for Jaken to get back, Sesshomaru asked, "Do you know who shot the arrow?" "No, not really," I said. "My father gave it to me, before he died. During the time this Sesshomaru was looking for a dispicable half- demon, named Naraku, this Sesshomaru came upon a priestess, which had a deep wound. This Sesshomaru made a request, and she obliged, in return for not killing her, when this Sesshomaru had the chance. This Sesshomaru heard she had died not long after this Sesshomaru had spoken to her," Sesshomaru said. I sat there for a second, until I realized, just which priestess he had spoken of.
"Did she ever come back, after she died?" I asked. "No, and everyone this Sesshomaru knows, understands, that her last death is her last," Sesshomaru said. I was quite a bit concerned, mainly for Kagome, but I didn't say anymore, on the subject. I scooted over next to him, and he put his arm around me. I'm not exactly sure how, or when I drifted off to sleep, but when I awoke, I noticed Sesshomaru was staring at me, strangely, when I woke up.
It was then that I realized, that I had been drooling. I quickly backed away, and expected to be killed, but all Sesshomaru did was stare at me. I realized that he was not the least bit worried, and calmed down. Sesshomaru suddenly spoke, saying, "AliAnn, this Sesshomaru never told my brother the entire story of the arrow." "What else is there?" I asked, curious. "The arrow's power will not hold forever. It's power will disappear, once the cresant moon starts to fade," Sesshomaru said.
During the next few days, I noticed that the cresant moon on my forehead, had not only darkened in the outline, but also was darkening inside, to navy blue. I knew I had nothing to fear, especially, since I was starting to understand, that he would have to bite me, soon after the arrow lost it's power; I also realized, that I was destined to become the Lady of the West. On the sixth day, I was looking into a river, and saw something, that meant bad news. The cresant moon was starting to fade. The arrow in my hand suddenly disappeared.
A large number of demons suddenly landed, and I was about to create a barrier, when a whip of light chopped off all of their heads, in a single shot. "Come along, AliAnn," Sesshomaru said. I didn't complain, even though I could have, and followed him. I did follow him, but that didn't mean, that he hadn't stirred something within me. For some odd reason, I had a desire, to get him to bite me. I really couldn't believe what I was thinking, especially since before I had gone to the river, we had had an arguement; I have no idea as to what it was about now, though.
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