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Leaving the Village

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Chapter 5

Leaving the Village

I went to a lake, where there were rocks around, and picked one up; no one was around the lake area. Suddenly a large catfish jumped out of the lake. It transformed into an ugly demon on two legs, which had gills for ears, and wore a black outfit made of worms. It went over my head, and headed towards the center of the village. I looked at the rock in my hand, and noticed it had some markings on it.
"The rocks are spiritual, perfect. All I need now is something to put the rocks in," I thought. I pulled a small bag out of my pocket, and gathered up a few more. I then headed towards a hut, where I had seen some leather hanging the night before. The fish demon had run into trouble, and thought he was winning, when I showed up. Miroku was trying to capture the fish, but the fish had been flying around everyone's heads, in a circle, and I folded the leather in half, and put a rock in the middle.
After I started swinging the leather, and the rock around, I called, "Hey, Sushi! We're having stone soup tonight, with you in the soup." The fish turned around, and I let go of the rock, which was in the sling-shot; the rock went right down the fish's abnormally large throat. "Ha! How do you expect to destroy me, by..." the fish was interrupted by the stone purifying him, from inside. "What is she?" Inuyasha asked. "That kind of power was only used by the Dark Priestess, Tsubaki," Kaede said. "But she's dead! Did Tsubaki have any kids?" Kagome asked. "No, not that I am aware of," Kaede said.
I had overheard the conversation, and walked over to them. "Tsubaki's name was stricken from most of my family's stories, save for one. She was the black sheep in the family, obsessed with power, obsessed with beauty, and obsessed with her own weakness. No one knows why she turned evil, but according to legend, she was so evil, that her father threw her out, thus taking her to the shrine," I told them. "So, she was my grandmother, Sonya Annorgia's, cousin," I replied, "Tsubaki was always known for believing she was superior to everyone, but if she was, why did a bigger power cause her death?" "Maybe she wasn't," Inuyasha said. "Rectorical question, which means I did not ask for an answer, nor do I want one," I explained to Inuyasha.
I then went back to my bag of rocks, and gave the leather strip back to the man, who I borrowed it from. After thanking him, I headed back to the lake, and emptied the small bag. I sighed and said, "You can come out anytime, you know." Sesshomaru stepped out, just as I happened to be looking into the water.
I blinked at the reflection, and thought, "Why do I have a cresant moon outline on my forehead?" "You understand that the legend is becoming reality?" Sesshomaru asked, as if reading my mind. I continued to stare at the water, as I was at a loss for words at the moment. "Come with me, and we will see where this path takes us," Sesshomaru said. "Did I just hear that?" I thought.
I turned around, and he had his right hand out. I decided to take up the challenge, and slipped my hand into his hand. After I stood up, he took his hand out of mine, and then put it around my waist. I kind of shivered at the touch, but didn't move, because we were now flying.

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