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The Wolf- Demon Mark & Breaking the Ice

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Chapter 4

The Wolf- Demon Mark & Breaking the Ice

I don't know how I got to sleep that night, with all that information in my head, but I did; around noon, I spoke with Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome was rubbing her neck, where Inuyasha had bit her the night before, when he marked her. I figured the bite would sting for the rest of the day, but would eventually go away, and be replaced by his family crest, but without a cresant moon. After I explained the situation, Inuyasha said, "You have a choice, but since you've touched the arrow, you must keep it near, or millions of demons will be trying to get you to be their mate. Only Sesshomaru is immune to the arrow. I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you to follow your path, and not anyone else's." "Yes, that's true," Kagome said. "I see," I said, "Well, I'll leave you two."
I left knowing that Inuyasha needed to help Kagome. I overheard Inuyasha tell Kagome that his mother's mark had lasted for eight days, before it stopped being so sore, and had changed, but his mark could possibly be less. As I walked back outside, two whirlwinds approached. "Kouga, Ayame, what kept you?" Shippo asked. "Wait a minute? Kouga, did you bite her?" I asked, noticing the Wolf- Demon crest on Ayame's neck. "Yep, six days ago,"Kouga said. "Five and a half, dear," Ayame said. "Oh, right, five and a half," Kouga said.
Ayame stood there for a second, and then Inuyasha and Kagome walked out, and Inuyasha said, "So, I guess this means I don't have to tell you." "Nope, I don't even want to ask," Kouga said. While they were talking, I took the chance to head towards the tree. Once at the tree, I felt a presence.
I turned around; an ogre was staring at me. "Go away, or be incinerated," I said. "What?! Why should I run?" the ogre asked, "You're no threat." "Singi Fi do Kiko," I said, producing a spiritual barrier, and destroying the ogre. I looked at the cinders that had fallen, and thought, "And I thought humans were stupid." "You have the arrow," a cold voice said.
"And?" I said, knowing exactly who it was that spoke, "You're point is?" "This Sesshomaru has no reason to explain anything to a mere human," Sesshomaru said. "WELL?! WHA... FINE! THEN BE THAT WAY!" I yelled. I then stormed off back towards the village.

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