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The Myth?

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Chapter 3

The Myth?

I stood up, and then hit my head against an arrow, which was stuck in the tree. I moved away from it, and noticed it had a letter on it, I took it off, and opened it. The note read, "AliAnn, the beginning of your path starts here. Only you can decide whether to return, or stay. You must make your decision within three weeks. You need not worry about being killed by pipsqueak demons; you've got bigger things to ponder about." I took the golden arrow out of the tree, and went to the village. As the sun set, lanterns were being lit, and a small fox demon was sitting in front of a hut.
As I left the forest, and came into the village, I heard some people talking, who were wondering if I was a demon. I just continued to walk past them, until an old plump lady approached. I stopped when I saw her, and she asked, "Are ye demon or human?" "Uh, human," I said. "Come inside," Kaede said.
I followed her, and once inside her hut, she asked, "I take it ye are from the future?" "Yes, a future that tells of the Feudal Era adventures, like the ones with Naraku," I said. "So, you know us all?" the fox demon asked, coming in. "Yes, I do," I replied. "What's with the arrow?" Shippo asked. "I'm not sure; it was stuck in the tree where Inuyasha was sealed at, at one time. It had a letter on it for me," I said.
"Do you still have the letter?" Shippo asked. "Yes, it's right here," I said, giving Shippo the letter. Shippo looked over it, and said, "Your name is AliAnn, eh? I once heard from Inuyasha that an arrow, like that will only appear when the Lady of the West has been chosen. I thought it was just a myth, though." "So, you're telling me, that I have no choice in the matter?" I asked. "You'd best ask Inuyasha in the morning. I don't know the whole scoop," Shippo said.
I just glared at the fox. "I'd think you don't, though, from the glare you're giving me. Anyways, he'll be available, hopefully, at sunrise; I heard him ask Kagome, if she wanted to have his mark," Shippo said. "So, it's finally happening?" I asked. Kaede and Shippo blinked. "Well, gee, everyone knows that those two were going to have a very close relationship," I said, "I heard that to be marked by a demon of any sort, you just have to be bitten." "Yes, that's true," Shippo said. "So, what... why did you bring that up?" Shippo asked. "Oh, I don't know," I said. I was watching Sesshomaru, with Rin and Kohaku through the shade.

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