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Vegas Skies

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**NOT PANIC.....THE CAB FIC**** Katy was faced with a lots of battles in her life. her and her band mates were fighting to be heard in a city full of musicians when her twin brother begs them to j...

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Life is unexpected. No one can predict or fully comprehend exactly why or when things happen. Life also has a weird way of making things work out. From the day that I was born, exactly 8 minutes after my twin brother, we were attached at the hip. We did absolutely everything together and were never very far from each other. That was until our parents divorced when we were only 5 years old. I was sent to live in California with our dad while Alex had to stay in Las Vegas with our mom. Even though we were physically separated, Alex and I still had a strong emotional and mental connection. I could feel his pain and fears from miles away and he felt mine. We only got to see each other during the summer and holidays while we were growing up. Alex and I were similar but also opposite in many ways. But there was one passion that ran deep through the both of us… the passion of music.

Right out of high school Alex and his band were signed and touring the world. Things didn’t work out so easily for me. It wasn’t until my first year of college before I met my band mates with the exception of Riley, my best friend since I was young. Riley plays guitar and sings with me. Taylor and Peyton were both my roommates in college. Tay is our bass play and Peyton is our drummer. We were a band together for about a year before we found Sara, our second guitarist. I was in a local coffee shop working when she came in to play our open mic one night. Once hearing her I knew she had to be in our band. I am Katy Deleon and together we form the all girl band called Ecstasy. Living in California it a hard task to be heard by anyone. But luckily most of us worked in bars or coffee shops to get money for school. Through that we have formed a decent size fan base around town.

I hadn’t seen my brother in over 2 years. So when he called asking id we would be interested in being the opening band for their upcoming tour, we gladly jumped at the opportunity. With the help of Alex and my dad we were able to get a van and trailer for the tour. After of month of preparation and freaking out on my part we were ready to go on our first national tour. Luckily for us the tour started in our hometown, which meant I got to sleep in…. or so I thought.

“KATY KATY KATY! WAKE UPPP! TOUR DAY!” Peyton yelled as she was jumping up and down on my bed.
“ugh what? Go away” I mumbled as I pulled the blankets over my head
“Cant do that. You’re brother is on the phone. Riley said he said he got the times wrong and we need to be there in an hour. He said he tried to call you but we all know you prolly heard you’re phone ringing and launched it somewhere. So up we go!” she said as she pulled the blankets off me
“God damn it Peyton”
“oh shove it. You’re up. Now get dressed. Tay has coffee downstairs and the van is all loaded. We are waiting on you to get dressed and Sara to decide what shoes to wear.”
“alright alright I’m up” I said as I stood up from bed. Thank god I picked out my clothes the night before for the set. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a white lace top with a pink bra under it and a black vest over it and a pair of black chucks. Unlike my twin my hair was naturally pin straight, so I didn’t have to bother straightening it. After quickly doing my makeup and tossing it in my bag I met the girls in our kitchen.
“Your ready for this?” Riley asked as she handed me a cup of coffee
“yes and no. But I’m sure Alex can sense that and will be waiting with a lecture for me. I’m just glad to get to see him again.” I said
“ I still cant believe you have a twin and we haven’t met him. Is he hot? How about his band mates? Anyone single?” Tay asked
“ok ground rule. NO dating my brother or his band mates.” I said
“what she means is keep your hands off Marshall” Riley said
“ Do not even start with that. That was over 3 years ago. And I haven’t even talked to him since.” I said
“yeah yeah whatever you say. I bet by the end of tour you to will have hooked back up. Lets go before singer calls whining like a baby that we are late again.” Riley said as she pushed us all towards the door, towards our new future.
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