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Start of Something New

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“I still think you’ll do great. You have an amazing voice, you’re drop dead gorgeous, you have a way with words. Whats not to love?” he asked “ last I recall it wasn’t enough for you...

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The ride to the venue seemed to take forever. In reality it was only a 15 minute drive. Once we pulled up to the venue, I could see my brother standing outside talking to some fans. As soon as the van was in park I hopped out. Riley ran inside to let the venue know we were here. I leaned against the van and put my hands on my hips.

“I have a bone to pick with you Mr. Deleon” I yelled to get Alex’s attention. Alex whipped around and saw me. He asked the fan to excuse him before he ran over to me, picked my up in a hug and started spinning me in circles.
“Ive missed you so much” he said as he hugged me tight, like he was afraid id disappear if he let go.
“ive missed you too. You have no idea how much this means to us. Like seriously this is a dream come true lex.” I said
“ well im just glad you are here. Plus it’s the least I can do for my baby sisteerrr….well hellllo” Alex said as we pulled apart. All of the girls were standing there laughing at us.
“Alex this is Peyton, Sara, Tay and well you know Ry. Girls this is my twin, Alex…or well there is three Alex’s in his band so they all call him Singer.” I said as I leaned my head on my brother’s shoulder.
“Nice to meet you beautiful ladies. Lets get your stuff loaded in” He said with a huge smile on his face.
“Where is the rest of youre band?” Peyton asked
“Inside hiding from the kids. Ill call and tell them to come help” Alex said as he pulled his phone out. We opened the trailer and started unloading things to the side of the van.
“LITTLE D!!!!” I heard someone yelled before they were jumping on my back.
“Damn J, Kill me why don’t ya” I said as I said him down then turned to hug him. Johnson has been a friend of my brothers for a long time.
“oh shove it. I didn’t…hi there” he said as he turned and waved at the girls
“Girls Alex Johnson, Johnson the girls. Lets get this shit inside before some more of these fans look at me like I’m raping you all” I said as I picked up some guitar cases and walked inside.

About an hour later we had everything loaded in and sound checked. I was laying on a bench with my head on my brother’s lap. The girls left it to me to come up with a set list for us. They were of no help in deciding. So I made my brother help me. He’s never really heard our music. On snippets here and there. This time he got to hear them all on my ipod to help me.
“Holy shit these are amazing. Seriously Kay these are phenomenal.” He said once he heard all the songs
“That doesn’t help me in picking a set list” I said
“Well you all get 40 minutes so roughly eight songs. I say We R Who We R, Keep Holding On, Tell Me I’m A Wreck, Boyfriend, Raise You’re Glass, Sing for sure since that’s my favorite. What The Hell, Anybody Out There and hell I say make it 45 minutes and add Take Me Home and I Don’t Have To Try.” he said
“you realize that 10 out of our 12 songs. And are we even allowed 45 minutes? We arent even signed to a label or anything. Kids aren’t gonna want to hear is that long. Hell 40 minutes is long enough.” I said
“ well its youre hometown show. Do a long set tonight and if no one likes it tell them to fuck off and we can cut it down tomorrow but I really don’t think we are going to have that problem.”
“I am not gonna win this am I?” I asked
“ nope so don’t even bother” he said with a huge smile
“HOLY SHIT THEY ARE FOR REAL IDENTICAL!” I heard someone shout. I turned to see Marshall and two other guys I didn’t know.
“uh last time I checked I had tits and a bigger ass and he had a dick so we arent completely identical” I said.
“Kates this is Joey our bass player and Charles our guitarist and well you know Marsh” Alex said
“Nice to see you again Katy. Cant wait to see you perform.” Marshall said with a smirk.
“Right. Same to you. Uh I need to go find my girls and share the set list. Thanks for the help bro.” I said as I patted alex’s head and started walking away
“Lord she is hot” I heard Joey say
“Don’t even think about it. Shes off limits” I heard Marshall say. I found the girls all sitting at the merch booth talking to Johnson and Sonny, the Cab’s merch guy.
“Figure it out?” Riley asked
“yep. Apparently my brother has gone psycho. We now are getting 45 minutes. We are playing every song except Josey and Youre Voice. He said if it doesn’t go well we cut it down more tomorrow. I think its suicide but Alex thinks otherwise” I said
“You all will be fine. Our fans are nice… most of the time” Johnson said
“wow way to make us feel better….Sonny what time are doors?” Riley asked
“in about 10 or 15 minutes. You guys go on in about 40 or so” he said
“we need to go warm up” Tay said
“wait till a few minutes after doors open to go out so you don’t get attacked.” Sonny said
“I think we will like. Our fans love us and theirs don’t know us.” Sara Said. We ended up waiting like Sonny said to go outside and before we knew it, it was time to walk on stage. I was standing on the side of the stage a little away from the girls trying to get a grasp on everything.
“Nervous?” I heard him ask. It was Marshall. The one person I’d been avoiding.
“How can ya tell?” I asked
“You’re biting your lip. And your leg is bouncing. That either means youre nervous or pissed beyond belief.
“ I cant help it. This is huge for us. No one but singer has hear our songs. Some… thye are personal.”
“I still think you’ll do great. You have an amazing voice, you’re drop dead gorgeous, you have a way with words. Whats not to love?” he asked
“ last I recall it wasn’t enough for you” I said just as my brother ran up and hugged me which sent Marshall walking away.
“You’ll do amazing. And ill be right here the entire time.” Alex said
“Thanks Lex. For everything.” I said
“You ready Katy?” Riley asked. I took a deep breath and let it out
“Hell yeah. Lets do this” I said as the lights went out.
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