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Chapter 3

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Lilly opened her eyes, and sat up quickly. She didn't recognize the room she was in, and as she moved around in the bed, she realized she was completely naked. She grabbed for her clothes, hurriedly putting them back on before getting out of the bed and walking around the room. She sat down at the drum set in the corner, and started messing around with the pedals. She smiled to herself as the memories of last night came flooding back to her. Dinner at the Chinese place, playing tag at the park, calling her mother and saying she'd made a friend and would be spending the night at their house. She was wearing Bob's t-shirt and a pair of his shorts. She hugged her knees to her chest as she began to wonder what time it was. Her thoughts were interrupted as Bob came walking into the room carrying a tray with two coffee mugs, a tea pot, and a coffee pot on it.
"I didn't know if you liked coffee or tea more, so I made both." Bob said as he pushed some things off his night table and set the tray down.
"Well, I don't really drink either when I wake up, but I'll have some coffee, I suppose." Lilly replied.
"So, you wanna do something today?" Bob asked as he grabbed a coffee mug and poured Lilly coffee.
"Well, since school is obviously out of the question, and I've only just moved here, you should pick."
"We could go to lunch and a movie and then dinner." Bob suggested.
"I love the cinema! What would we see?" Lilly asked excitedly.
"How about you pick when we get there?" Bob asked.
"Okay." Lilly said. Bob went to his closet and started throwing some things around. He threw a T-shirt and a pair of denim shorts onto the bed.
"Here, since you don;t have any clothes with you borrow some of mine." Bob said.
"Thanks, but I don't think your trousers will fit me." Lilly said with a laugh.
"Oh, yeah, I forgot how tiny you are." Bob said, blushing.
"It's okay. I'll just wear mine." Lilly said as she got out of bed "Where's the bathroom?"
"First door to the left." Bob said as he handed Lilly her cup of coffee.
"Thank you." Lilly said. She gave Bob a kiss on the cheek and headed to the bathroom.

"Bob, I really enjoyed today." Lilly said as they sat in his car in front of Lilly's house.
"Me too." Bob said. Their faces lowly came closer together until their lips met. Their kiss was interrupted by a harsh rapping at the passenger side window. Bob and Lilly quickly looked to see Lilly‘s mother standing impatiently next to the car.
"Lilly Marie Brighton! Where have you been, and what are you wearing?" She demanded. Lilly rolled her eyes and put her window down.
"Mum, I told you I was at a friend's house!" Lilly replied.
"Well, aren't you going to at least introduce me to this new 'friend' of yours?" Her mother asked. Bob got out of the car, walked over to Lilly's door and opened it for her. "Thank you." Lilly whispered.
"Good evening Ma'am, my name's Robert Bryar, but I go by Bob." Bob said, sticking his hand out for her mother to shake.
"Good evening Robert," Lilly rolled her eyes, "I'm Mrs. Brighton"
"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Brighton." Bob said.
"I trust that you will have my daughter home sooner from now on." Miss Brighton said impatiently.
"I apologize Ma'am, but my car stalled, and I had to call my friends to jump start it since I didn't have any jumper cables." Bob lied. Lilly could've laughed at how sincere he sounded if she didn't think she'd give them away.
"Well, next time, you two should think to call somebody's parents." Miss Brighton replied.
"We sure will. I apologize Ma'am." Bob quickly said.
"Well, you children have school in the morning, so you should really run along now Robert." Miss Brighton said. Bob kissed Lilly on the cheek said a hasty goodbye and left.

"Lilly... we're gonna be late for school." Bob whispered into Lilly's ear the next morning.
"How the fuck did you get into my house?" Lilly asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes and sitting up.
"I told your dad I was your ride to school." Bob replied as he sat on the edge of her tiny bed.
"Well, I've got to shower before we go." Lilly said as she finally stood up.
"We're not really gonna be late. I just thought I'd take you to breakfast before school." Bob replied. Lilly smiled.
"I'd really enjoy that." She said as she made her way over to Bob and sat down on his lap. Bob leaned in to kiss her cheek, but she moved her head and he ended up kissing her on the lips. Lilly’s father started knocking on her door, and they pulled away from each other awkwardly.
"Well, you’d better shower, or we'll be late." Bob said.
"Wait for me down in the kitchen okay?" Lilly stated as she pulled some clothes out of a drawer and ran out of the room. Bob sighed and went down to the kitchen.

At School, an hour and a half later
Gerard, Mikey, Frankie, and Ray sat on the bench in the student parking lot where they always met Bob. It was ten minutes till school started, and he still wasn't there.
"Where the fuck is he?" Frank asked for about the 400th time that morning.
"Nobody fucking knows. Lay off it." Ray shot back.
"I'm just aski-" Frankie started. He stopped when Bob drove into the parking lot at about 100 M.P.H.
"Must've had another fight with his dad." Gerard said. Bob got out of the car, walked over to the passenger side door and helped Lilly out.
"See, I told you we wouldn't be late." Bob said with a smile.
"You did indeed." Lilly replied laughing. Bob put his arms around her and kissed her forehead.
"I love you." Bob said.
"I love you too." Lilly replied. Bob picked her up by her hips and sat her down n the trunk of his car. He and Lilly kissed for a brief moment.
"Way to go Bobby!" Frankie screamed from the bench. Bob looked away from Lilly and flipped Frankie off. Gerard elbowed Frankie in the arm.
"What the fuck man? Just because you couldn't get a date if you asked a mannequin-" Frankie began. Mikey and Gerard elbowed him from each side.
"Shut the fuck up Frank!" They shouted in unison. Bob laughed.
"You'd better get to your friends." Lilly said as she hopped off Bob's car.
"I'd rather stay over here with you." Bob said grabbing her hands.
"We have every single class together Bob, there'll be plenty of time for us, but your have been put off the last few days." Lilly said.
"Okay... I love you." Bob said he leaned in to kiss Lilly, but turned to his friends "You say anything; I'll punch you in the face!" He screamed. Lilly laughed. Bob turned back around, and kissed Lilly.
"Hey Bob, the bell rang!" Gerard screamed five minutes later. Lilly laughed.
"So much for spending time with your friends." Lilly said a hint of guilt in her voice.
"It's okay Lilly... Know what, I think I'll walk you to your first class young lady... And not only will I walk you there, I'll sit with you!" Bob said excitedly.
"Oh wow! My own parole officer!" Lilly screamed. She looked at Bob for a minute and ran. "Bet you can't catch me!" She screamed. Bob laughed as he took off after her.
"I'll bet I can!" Bob screamed back.
"Holy... shit." Frankie said from the bench.
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