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(Vampire Frerard) A vampire must deal with an angry coven while stopping the human race from destroying his kind.

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Okay, so this is the vampire frerard I've been working on.

Sorry, this chapter is just the prologue. Things will get much more interesting in the next chapter. :)

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I dug my hands deeper into my pockets, cursing about the cold weather. I struggled not to drop

my sketch book as I quickened my pace.

New Jersey at night, to be exact 12:11 A.M. , was not the safest place to be. The sidewalk

seemed endless as I hurried to get home. My brother would surely be worried by now.

Sweeping my jet-black hair out of my eyes, I turned to barely glance behind me. Sure enough, as

I'd suspected but feared, a dim black shadow was pursing me. I tried to persist my pace-

gradually ever-so-slightly walking faster.

I stopped at a street corner. To my right - if I had time to cross the street - were apartment

buildings. Unfortunately, none of them were mine. They must be up ahead. I can't go anywhere

now - I already stopped.

I turned to me left - an alley. There was a brick wall at the end - assuming I could climb it -

that would make an easy escape, and cut my route to home by 5 minutes. Better decide now.

Despite the terrible cliche, I jogged down the alley. I heard the figure behind me block the

entrance. I jumped up to reach the wall - and missed. Curse.

"Oh, Gerard," a man's voice said from behind me. He laughed gently. "Oh, how your pitiful

attempts of escape amuse me." I turned slowly around.

The man was dressed in a ground - length black cloak, with the hood pulled over his head. I

could barely make out a pale face - brown hair clenched to both sides of his face, a sinister

smile placed on his blood - red lips. His face was tilted downward, so I couldn't see his eyes,

but I knew he could very well tell I was there.

"I'm considering delaying my orders, for a tiny bit," he continued, "just to see you fuss some


I swallowed. "Who are you? How do you know my name? What kind of human being are you?"

He sighed, almost annoyed. "My name doesn't matter, and, that's where you wrong. See, I'm not

exactly what you'd call... human."

I gasped slightly. Does this guy think he just hopped out of a scary movie?

"Oh, and don't try to escape, either," he added. "I don't want things to get messy before they

have too." He took a few steps closer: now we were only three yards apart.

My heart was racing, I was sure he could even hear it. "What do you want?" I asked.

He continued to smile. "What I have have orders to do, dearest Gerard: I must stop you."

"S-stop me from doing what?" I asked, slightly trembling while biting my lip.

He laughed again. "The whole existence of my kind depends on you. I knew it would only be

natural that they asked me to take care of you."

This is it. I'm going to die. Well, I suppose I had a nice run. Bye, Mikey. Bye, to my pet

that had run away when I was 5. Bye, love of my life I never got to meet.

"This... may hurt," the man said. He pulled something out of his pocket. Something sharp - a

wooden stake.

He took a step forward, and moving in a blur, he jerked, a second later, I felt a deep pain in

my chest.

He pulled the stake out of me, as I staggered to my knees. Desperately gasping for air, he

chuckled, and I was sure my anger showed in a flash of my face.

"Maybe in the next life, should there be one, you pay attention to everything you do," he

turned. As he took a few steps, he continued, "One small action today, may set off a chain

reaction of events tomorrow." He started to climb the wall. When he reached the top, he added,

"Although, I'll be sure to remind you, when we meet again." And with that, he jumped down on

the other side, out of view.

As I lied there dying, my life flashed before me, as if a movie. When I was a kid. Mikey

asking to see my comic books. Me being called names and picked on in high school. Watching poor

Mikey walking through the door, fresh bruises on his face. Me getting the call of my parents

fate. Mikey's reaction. The day I got a place of my own, with Mikey. Mikey unpacking his room.

Mikey and I forced to get jobs to pay for food and the rent. Mikey's face earlier tonight as he

told me "Be careful, Gee. I don't want to loose you too." Oh, had I failed.

What seemed like years, although realistically it had been mere seconds, I struggled to take my

last breaths. I heard footsteps behind me.

My vision went blurry, but I could make out a face hovering over mine. The face looked sad,

almost pitiful. The figure leaned down, and gently whispered "Hang in there."

I felt two jabbing pains in my neck, I felt whatever blood I have left escape my body.

Suddenly, the pain was all gone, as everything faded to black.


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