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Gerard's Savior

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In which Gerard discovers who saved him...

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I was walking down the sidewalk, getting home on my mind. I stopped at a street corner, waiting

for a good time to cross the street. Looking around casually, I noticed something strange to my

left- an alley. What was even stranger was the shouts coming from it.

I couldn't make out any of the words, just the harshness of them. Gunshots rang in my ears

as my curiousity got the best of me and I ran down the alley.

Two bodies layed there in front of me, the shooter no where in sight.

Approaching the bodies carefully, I tried to see who they were. I paused when I heard something

crack beneath my feet.

I bent down and found a pair of glasses, with one of the lenses shattered, the other scratched.

I gasped in horror. I'd seen these glasses before. "Mikey!" I said as I turned over one of the

bodies, revealing my dead brother. I looked at the other boy, whom I didn't regonize, but felt

as if I should know who it was... had I met him before? Maybe somewhere...


I jerked awake. Breathing heavilly, I looked around, getting grossed out a tad bit when I

realized I was sweating. I was in some kind of room, the tall walls painted a light brown, big

windows, and enlightened by a few dim lights. Several fans were facing me, and as much as I

wondered why and where I was, I won't deny that the cool air felt good. A small kitchen was to

my right, by the front door.

I looked around at the room a litte closer. There were several cardboard boxes here and there,

but it was more than not filled with furniture. A couch near the windows and a huge flat screen

TV surprised me the most.

I myself was on a pull out bed that was part of another couch. I got up carefully, I cautiously

and walked over to the window.

The slight breeze blowing over the tall buildings and skyscrappers of New York felt great. Cars

desperately tried to move through traffic, but that was normal. The Statue of Liberty stood in

the place it has always been. Everything seemed normal... except me.

"Breathtaking view, isn't it?" a voice said calmly behind me. I jumped a little, but

nodded. "I apologize for the mess, I arrived here about a week ago, and haven't got around to

unpacking." There was something about the way this man talked... almost in a more sophisticated

way than that of today. I slowly turned around.

He was not my attacker, I was sure of that. He had curly red-brown hair, and was taller than

me. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, but judging by his expression it wasn't anything bad.

I could almost... trust him.

"What... What happened?" I was shocked at my voice. It was mostly the same, but it just

sounded... more pure. Not like I had been smoking for several years.

The man considered this for a moment. "Well, I'm sure you know most of that story. I found you,

in that alley. You would've been dead had I found you a minute later."

Would've? "Why... well, why am I not dead?" I racked my brain for details. I couldn't

remember anything.

"Let's just say I saved you," he said.

"But, how?" I asked.

"All in good time, I shall explain. For one thing, is it too hot in here?" he changed the

subject as he went stacking several boxes up to clear more room.

"No... it's fine," I anwsered. He nodded. "Who are you?"

He stopped for a moment and turned to me. "Raymond Manuel Toro. I go by Ray Toro."

Not sure whether or not to introduce myself, I asked, "Did you say you just moved here?"

He nodded again and returned to what he was doing. "From where?" I asked, hoping I was not

being to nosy. Oh, what the heck- I'm in a complete stranger's house, who found my half-dead

body in an alley, and evidentally brought me here. Maybe a few questions won't hurt.

"London," he paused to take several things out of a box. "I lived there when I was young, and a

few years back I moved to Conneticut, and moved back to London once more. I eventually missed

it here, so here I am, once again," he stopped again, and I continued to stand

there. "Well, your name is...?"

"Oh, um, Gerard... Gerard Way," I told him. "Hey, do you need any help or anything? I mean,

it's kinda the least I could do..."

"What? Oh, no, this stuff will be here tomorrow..." he sighed. He looked at me up and down,

almost taking me in.

"I don't want to sound rude or anything... but what exactly is going on?" I asked, slightly

afraid of what I may hear.

"Well... I saved you from dying, which you should have," Ray carefully added, "So, If I'm able

to do such a thing, what do you think that would make me?"

I sighed. "Can't we just say I was drugged and imagined the whole thing?"

Ray laughed softly and smiled. "Nonsense, that would be too easy."

Think, Gerard, think! You're in a stranger's house, who could be on the run for doing who knows

what, or worse- what if he found out about the time I tried to convince Mikey that streaking

wasn't illegal...

What about horror films? Good Lord I've seen so many of those to help with this situation...

hm, zombie? No... too not-gross looking. Alien? Nope- too human-like. What about...

"Well, you're not a vampire, right?" I asked, laughing at myself for thinking it.

"Actually," Ray started, "Yes."

I gulped loudly. "Don't worry," Ray said, as if guessing my thoughts. "I can't drink your


"And why's that?" I asked, honestly curious.

"Because your a vampire, too," he said patiently, and smoothly.

"I'm what?"


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