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Gerard's regular hunting trip has an unexpected twist.

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Ray smiled. "I'm telling you the truth."

I looked at myself, disbeliving. "So... what does that mean?"

"It means you have a LOT to learn. And that's not an understatement," Ray added. He walked to

the kitchen, pulled something out of ine of the cabinets, then continued and filled a glass of

water. "For now," he said as he approached me. "You're lucky you slept as long as you did. Do

you have a headache?"

Ugh. Did he have to bring that up? "Now that you mention it, yeah."

He put two pills in my hand, (I assumed they were painkillers) and handed me the

water. "Typical for a newborn. Take those," he said.

I did as I was told, and quicky drank the water. I'm really thirsty... Why didn't that help?

Oh, wait...

"So..." I started, "Do you... drink blood?"

Ray laughed. "Well, yeah." When he saw the look on my face, he continued, "Believe or not, I've

never killed a single person from drinking their blood."

"You haven't?" I asked.

"Nope," he told me, truthfully.

"How?" Was it even possible? Or have I just seen too many horror movies?

Ray chuckled. "All in good time, Gerard."


(2 Years Later...)

My eyes opened slowly as I yawned.

Carefully I sat up and stretched. I lazilly got off my bed. I made my way to my closed bedroom

door, stepping over clothes and art supplies. When I finally reached the door, I opened it and

walked down the hall.

Ray sat on the couch, watching some show on TV. "Hey," I greeted him as I walked towards the

coffee maker in the kitchen. "Hey," he said back.

Today marked the anniversery of my 2nd year as a vampire: exactly 2 years since I've been

bitten. I suppose it's not to bad... Ray explained to me everything there is to know about this


One thing that he said was a HUGE misconception, was that most vampires were NOT nocturnal. He

explained that we could in fact go in direct sunlight, but only for a few hours. But even then,

the worst we get after 5 hours in the sun is a few 1st degree burns.

Two: We are not known to get dieseases, but a study Ray is currently working on may prove that


You see: Ray is a... genius, if you will. Literally. One of the 4 bedrooms of his apartment,

(one being mine, one his, and leaving one spare) he devoted to a library, half of which was

devoted to self-journals of his 400 year old experience of this life.

From what he's told me, he was born in 1604, in London. His father was a rich scholar, his

mother was a simple peasant who had died when he was young. His family was somehow realted to
the Royal Family, and he even lived with them for a few years while his father tutored.

His father was astounded at what Ray had transformed into. He was planning to run tests on him,

but Ray refused. During an argument they had he bit his father, transforming him as well. Ray

told me he escaped to America, then return several decades later to check up on his father, who

was still alive and more dissapproving then ever. He returned to America, last week.

So, since Ray literally, was a genius, there was no way my vampire brain could register all the

complex thoughts that ran through his head. I had told him and this, and he explained that

vampires have powers. No, none of the flying kind, but more complex ones.

To break it down, they are 3 main types of powers. However, not all vampires get the same ones.

All normal vampires get a total of three powers. Which ones they have can not be chosen, though.

Some have excellet memory of their vampire life (Ray has this), and even the life before that-

or they can see visions of the future, but it is rare.

A vampire could have strength of mind (Which is What Ray has)- or great physical strength.

And the final is a vampire is either able to withstand sunlight for a few hours, or is

nocturnal. (Which is also rare.)

Ray however is lately studying these unique breed of vampires that possess even MORE powers

than usual...

We are still not sure about my powers, but Ray says they normally take a few years to develop.

The coffee maker beeped, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I jumped slightly, but poured my coffee, none the less. (We drink blood, but it IS nice to have

some real drinks every once in a while...)

I drank it quickly, before setting the mug down and grabbing my jacket off a chair. "I'm going

hunting, I'll be back in a bit," I called to Ray as I headed towards the front door.

"Alright, See ya," Ray replied, flipping the channel on the remote. That's what I loved about

Ray- he already knew the normal amount of time it took me to hunt, and the same area I usually

stuck to. Some people would find it creepy, but, he is afterall my creator more or less, so I

suppose he feels it nessecary to make sure I blend in and do everything I'm suppossed to.


My watch read 6:05 A.M., September 7th. I walked silently down the sidewalk, New York traffic

was typical today, and typical people stood on the sidewalk, same as usual.

I had finally figured out how Ray managed to never kill anybody when he drank their blood. He

found criminals, durg dealers, etc., and only took as much blood as needed, never draining them


I stopped at a street corner, waiting for a good time to cross the street. Looking around

casually, I noticed something strange to my left- an alley. What was even stranger was the

shouts coming from it.

I couldn't make out any of the words, just the harshness of them. My curiousity got the best of

me as I made my way to the entrance of the alley. I've seen this before...

"You're always doing this! Oh, is this another one of your boyfriends?!?" A middle-aged man

spat. I could see his face- not shaven and clearly had the result of alchohol and smoking from

his yellow teeth. Two teenaged boys stood in front of him, their backs were facing me.

"It's not what it looks like..." The shorter of the boys tried to explain.

"No more excuses!" The man snapped. "Son, and your still wondering why your mother left and

didn't take you with her. You're a dissapointment, a queer fag!" he roared.

The boy snarled. The other teen whispered, "Calm down."

"You know what?!?" the angered boy shouted, ignoring the other, "I'm fed up with you. All you

do is drink and drink and drink! It's my life! If you're dissapointed in me, maybe you

should've cared more and actually been there for me!"

The other boy now seemed anxious. "Let's just go..." Where have I heard that voice? ...

The man pulled something out of his pocket... shiny black metal was soon glimmering in the

sunlight. "Ya know son," he said, as he loaded the gun, "You're right. But I WILL do something

about it NOW."

The yelling boy was silenced. "You're drunk."

The man laughed as he clicked off the safety of the gun.

The boy tried again, as the other started visibly shaking. "I'm not going to let you kill me

and my friend," he said confidentally.

The man didn't listen, but merely raised the gun at the two. "What has to be done, will be


Gunshots rang in my ears, and I snapped. The boys had both clearly been shot. I leaped over to

the man.

"What the-" he managed, his eyes popping out of his skull, before I dug my teeth into his neck,

drinking as much blood as possible without killing him. I let his unconscious body fall to the

ground when I had finished.

I then directed my attention to the boys. They were breathing, just barely.

I approached the one that had been quiet quickly, avoiding a pair of glasses that had fallen

off his face. Wait a second...

I turned him over gently. The boy, barely conscicous, gasped. "...G-Gee?" he asked quietly. I

tried to smile down at him the best I could at this situation. "Mikey," I breathed.

Mikey, my little brother, had been my only living relative at the time I was bitten.

"T-They... They said you were d-dead..." he said weakly. I shook my head. "Promise me you won't

leave again?" he asked.

"I promise," I tried to hug him as best as I could. As soon as I felt him go unconscious, I bit

his neck, draining as much blood as I hoped was nessecary.

When I was done, I approached the other boy. I turned him over as well, revealing... It's the

boy from my dream!

He black hair fell in his eyes, and he was barely alive. I tried to shake him a little, to see

if he was unconscious or not, but he eventually studdered something. "T-thank... y-you..." he

barely managed to say.

"For What?" I asked, looking down at him.

"Y-you finally s-shut him u-up," he managed a weak smile, and I did the same.

"Listen," I told him, trying to get to the point, "I can save you, but you may have to leave

this world behind."

The boy thought for a moment, before finally nodding in agreement. "M-Mikey was m-my only

friend," he said.

I nodded, understanding from when I was a human, I also had few friends. The boy went

unconscious, and I bit him, again (hopefully) drinking the right amount of blood.

I set his body down gently, before getting up and pulling out my cell phone, and dialing a


"Ray, I need some help."


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