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Chapter 7- Confused

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I had a crap day today but I wanted to write this so you guys knew what happened. Hope you enjoy. Leave comments about what you think good or bad (:

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Chapter 7- Confused
Gerard: What how had his dad, killed his mom she comitted suicide. I was confused, she died just before summer aswell so why only now did they know.
"Frank are you sure, you heard right. Your mom died just before summer, she comitted suicide." not knowing i'd pulled him into a hug, as to comfort him when I said this.
"Apparantly the other day he went to the police station and confessed it." I was shocked Frank couldn't lose his dad aswell.
"Maybe he was drunk, and just said it." I was trying to comfort him in anyway I could. It was worthless though Frank was already crying on my shoulder. I was facing mikey and pointed, to the phone on the floor. It wasn't smashed just the battery had fallen out.
"Mikey look from where that number was dialed from." I was hoping it woulkd be a hoax, that someone was prank calling Frank to scare him.
"Gee its a unknown number." Shit maybe it was true.
"C'mon baby were going to the police station." he nodded, I knew if he spoke he'd breakdown. Right now he was finding it har, his knees were shaking and so was he.
"I know he's a bad father but I love him, he was the one that said I could keep the note my mom left me." Note what note?
"Frankie show me this note, and were going back to yours ok." maybe his dad had killed his mom. He reached into his back pocket, to show a folded bit of paper. I opened it and began to read.

Dear Frankie, Sorry I had to take my life away. I just couldn't cope anymore. Your dad and I just aren't getting along. When you read this I will be dead. Aswell I only pretended I loved you, and your another reason I'm doing this. Mom

That didn't sound like his mom at all. She doted on him, gave him everything even though they didn't have a lot of money.
"Frank, what was your dad doing the day your mom hung herself?"
"He was off, said.." he cut off halfway through his sentence.
"You don't think he could've." I looked at Mikey, he was coming with us. He knew now about Franks mom and his face, was still in shock from the news.
Frank: We were at mine. I knew he'd done it now I could feel it.
"Gee my dad has a diary in his room from days, when he was sober. Want me to go and get it?"
"Yeah Frank I do want it." I smile I wanted him to come with me. I hadn't been in mom's room since she died. I had to be strong though.
Each step I took upstairs I was one, step closer to entering the room. When I gt outside the door I placed my hand on the knob and twisted it. I pushed opened the door and screamed.

Gerard: Frank's scream went through me. I looked over at Mikey and, we both ran upstairs. Me leading the way.
"Frankie what's wrong?" I looked and nearly threw up, there was at least two dead people in here.
"Frankie look at me." his eyes were fixed on the two dead bodies we could see, could there possibly be more?
"Gee he's a sick man I hope he rots in jail." Mikey who didn't like horror movies, had ran to the bethroom to be sick.
"I know Frankie, but we got to go in find that note. Then we can call the police. Get him in prison."
"No Gee he's all I got." with this Frankie took a deep breath and walked in the room.

We searched for ages going nowhere near the bodies, till the very end. I took Frank's hand we would do this together. At the ame time we stepped over the bodies for the last quater, of the room.
"Gee it's here." He reached down and picked it up. It was a black leatherbound diary.
"We went through all that, for it to be here." he gave a smile. Even though he'd been smiling round min earlier I missed it. I took his hand back and laced my fingers through his. We stepped over the dead bodies and sat on the landing.
Frank: My dad was a masochistic bastard. He'd killed two women maybe more. What about my mom did he kill her too. I looked through the diary and back at the paper. I went through a couple till I cam across one page.
"Gee, this is the date mom died. There's blood on it." I gulped was it hers?
"Frankie look, what's written on the note is in there." My eyes welled up with tears. Why would he want to kill my mom? She was amazing, kept me on the straight and narrow.
"Oi shush baby it's okay. I'm here for you."
"Gee get out of here now." Mikey had shouted up the stairs. I got up off the floor and grabbed Gee's hand.
"Mikey what's...." Gee had stopped his sentence. I knew why. Standing there was my dad. A bloody corpse in his hand.
"Miss me?" and he gave an evil laugh that went down to my core.
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