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Random Life Rants. Don't Read. Unless You Want To Be REALLY upset.

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Just a random rant about all the things I wanted to get off my chest. I was hoping to let it out in letter format. -_\\

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This is rated PG-13 for reasons unknown. And Violence for implied-ish wanting-sort-of to commit violence. ;)

Mow, please don't call me an attention seeker or leave nasty comments. If you don't want to hear it, don't read it. There are a few people, cough Kerri cough who may WANT to hear it. I don't know. Just... bear with me.

Okay, so for the first,, and most purely annoying thing, I have to rant on and on about endlessly is this girl at my school. I am going to be polite and not name names, but a few people will know who she is when I say 'the girl we gave a mean nickname to in the mall. And the one that broke her foot on the bus.'

Well, anyway, foot-break nickname girl was walking behind me to the bus, and my friend and I were singing 'Beautiful Disaster" (The Kelly Clarkson version, not the rock song.)Suddenly, foot-break nickname girl starts mocking us. Now, foot-break nickname girl hates my guts, I'll have you know, because I will not take her crap and be pushed around like she pushes everyone else around. I strongly dislike her, and I don't put up a false front with her. Anyway, she's walking behind us, singing mockingly in the most awful re-interpretation of an Opera voice. My friend and I just sing louder to drown her out. I mean, this is eardrum shattering, crystal goblet-cracking horridness coming from her, so what else are we gonna do.

After foot-break nickname girl realized that she wasn't fazing us, she shouted, "Shut up!" in our direction, like a five year old child. I turned around, seriously wanting to start singing some random MCR song that would make her shut up, but instead I shouted the ages old response. "MAKE ME!"

She shouted back, "No one likes your voice! You suck!"

Okay, yet another sidenote. To sound the least stuck-up possible, I know I have a great voice. I'm an alto, and I have a very wide range and am constantly told by people that my voice is amazing. Okay, I sound like a snob. But what I'm trying to say is that no, I do NOT suck, and people around me were actually enjoying it and singing along.

So, I shout over my shoulder, not even bothering to waste energy on her enough to turn around, "Well, I sing better than you do, so if I suck, where does that leave you?"

And, sure enough, she shut up then and there.

Now, people like her are what drive me crazy. They have no friends- literally, all their 'best friends' say they hate her behind their back- and they find the need to be spiteful towards all people who don't 'follow the pack.' Well I do NOT follow any crowd, as you can tell by my fashion sense (As I write this, I am wearing my Killjoy outfit- a jean jacket with a black tee, a red skirt, black, dusty, worn converse, one black and white fingerless glove, a studded leather bracelet, and with a whit and red polka-dotted bandanna hanging out of my pocket.). So she hates me even more. Go figure.

She's just like the preps, who I CANNOT stand. Now, I'm not anti-cheerleader. My 'sister' is a cheerleader. I support her, and I see how it can be an okay sport. I'm just more of a Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do kind of person. (And is Master Hite heard me say anything in a cheerleader's defense, she'd have me doing forms or sparring blindfolded.) But it's the preppy girls who hang like a group of baby sheep, afraid to leave the pack. They spread gossip and lies, but they're all talk because if you catch one alone, they're defenseless. They go from predator to prey in a matter of seconds.

Another thing I CANNOT tolerate is people who rag on other people's music. Yes, I know I sound hypocritical. I rag on Justin Beaver, oops, I mean Bieber, all the time. But I do it jokingly, around good friends. They take no offense in it, and neither do I. But when someone comes up straight and is like, "My Chemical Romance is outdated. People like them in second grade, no one likes them anymore," (Quote courtesy of foot-break nickname girl) I can and WILL knock some heads around. No one likes them? Tell that to the MILLIONS OF WORLDWIDE FANS.

Huff... huff... okay. I'm good. I'm gonna stop ranting before I blow a fuse. I just needed to get that out. I'll let the rest out tonight. Sparring with Master McLure. Whoo-hoo. (Sarcastic tone.) I hurt already.

I'm out.

~Fallen Avenging Angel
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