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Today is The Greatest Day I've Ever Known

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Frank finally decides Gerard isn't so bad at all. Of Jack Skellington and Leonardo DiCaprio. Wheelchair speeding and snow. They have a fun day.

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Reaching their classroom, his eyes were blinded by the florescent lights. Glancing through spots in his vision he noticed the classroom was totally re-arranged. Did this man have anything to do in his spare time?
There was now a plain couch at the back of the room, the circular tables were gone, leaving a lonesome desk off to the side, there were multicolored bean bag chairs spew across the room, there was a stereo, and for fuck's sake, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 
"I moved all the other stuff to the old room. So, want to sit on the couch?" he asked, his eyes shining brightly. 
Frank just glared at him. 
"C'mon Frankie, you can't hate me forever." Gerard smiled and pulled Frank up by the armpits and sat him on the couch.
And it was true. He couldn't. Gerard was the bubbly kind of person you couldn't hate. 
"You're going to have to deal with me for at least the rest of the year, you might as well like me."
This was true too. Frank closed his eyes and nodded, resigned.
"Let's just have a chill day."
He dug around in his bag and found the DVD he wanted.  
He held up the shiny front for Frank to see.
The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
"I figure we can agree on this. Plus, it's got to be at least semi-school appreciate. Comparatively."
Projecting the movie onto the white board, Gerard settled in on the floor using a bean bag chair as a pillow. 
Frank was enjoying himself throughout the movie. He sang along in his head with Gerard. He  couldn't stay mad at Gerard any longer, not that he truly had been all that mad at him in the first place. 
After it was over they watched another movie, Frank had never heard of, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie was good. 
It was after lunch and little over half way through the movie.
Laid out on the couch, with a full stomach, Frank felt this eyelids growing heavy. 
The next thing he knew, Gerard was shaking him wake.  
He looked around confusedly. 
"It's time to go, Frankie. Your mama's gonna be here soon." he smiled and brought Frank over to his wheelchair.
He pushed the wheelchair though the hallways, running so Frank was going way fast. (I gave my mom a heart attack when I did that to her. But I did accidentally push her into a shelf. xD)
He pulled Frank to a jerked, slamming stop. 
"Have fun?" 
His answer was seeing from behind, Frank's newly wind blown hair flying around as he nodded.
They went outside and it was snowing. A light patching of it already on the ground. 
Frank stared wondrously at snow. He loved snow. 
Gerard knelt down and took Frank's hand in his. The wheelchair on the edge of the snow. He scooped some up in their hands and held it as it melted. 
"Can you feel that Frankie?"
Frank stared wide eyed at both his and Gerard's hands. 
He swore, swore he could feel something. Just a minute amount of cold seeping through. 
He lifted his eyes and stared straight into Gerard's.
"Can you?" Gerard questioned again quietly. He had thought for sure the answer would be no, but Frank's look said otherwise.
Frank nodded his head once slowly.
"You can?"

Frank laid in his bed. The alarm clock beside him flashed twelve seventeen. 
He was concentrating on his hand. Staring down at it. Willing it to move. Screaming in his brain for it to clench and unclench. For one finger to move, to wiggle. Something. 
He wanted to recreate the amazing sensation he had felt earlier with Gerard. 
And he got nothing. 

You have to love my ability to turn my writers' block into a song, and then proceed to run around singing it.(Feel bad for everyone in hearing range.) 
So, because of my snow day I'm going to post three more chapters like I said last time, then I'm taking a break.
I'd like to say, Gerard and Lindsey are not in a relationship nor have they ever been. For the record, someone, not on here, accused me otherwise, but I do indeed love Lindsey. 
That being said, I know who the baby's father is! Any guesses?
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