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Now I'm Far From Lonely

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The Catcher in the Rye and a new hamster. Mrs. Iero is on Gerard's side. (Just taking my time, getting Frank to like Gerard.)

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Snow days are only awesome if you have power. So I'm at my brother's house watching Spongebob and being pestered.
Right now I've cleverly hidden myself so I can update, but it's only a matter of time before I'm found.

The next day, the room was filled with books. So many books of all sizes and types, worn and new alike. 
Gerard pulled out his favorite book, it was torn and frayed, literally falling apart. 
The Catcher in the Rye.
He smiled at Frank.
"We're going to read this."
He held up the book for Frank to examine.
He read ten pages aloud to Frank. His voice began to feel hoarse. 
Gerard decided to try something. He sat on the floor, beneath where Frank was, and held the book at his eye level. 
"Now you read."
From where Gerard sat, he watched Frank's eyes, waiting for them to reach the bottom of page so he could turn it. 
After twenty pages, Gerard spent the rest of the day questioning Frank about his reading. 

It was on Friday, the best and last day of the week. Frank was, for once, not apprehensive about going to school. He officially liked Gerard, and the new book had him enthralled already.
Frank hadn't noticed it at first, but on one of the counters, there was a huge pink plastic hamster house. 
Frank turned to Gerard and raised an eyebrow at him.
"Oh, please. You can't not like hamsters. His name's Georgi."
A boy hamster named  in a pink house? Wow...
"I dunno where I got the name... And the pinkness, well it was an early Christmas present."
He said was a shrug.
"He's calm. I spent all last night playing with him. You want him?"
Frank nodded. He never had a pet. He'd wanted a dog, but was never able to voice his wants.
Gerard held the sweet little hamster in one hand, and took Frank's hand with the other. He out stretched Frank's pointer finger and drug it down the hamster's small fuzzy body. 
Frank closed his eyes and focused on his hand. 
He felt the soft silky fur beneath the pad of his finger.
Gerard curved both of Frank's hands and set the little guy into Frank's hands. Keeping hold of Frank's hands, just incase. 
He stared down at the hamster. He felt nothing again. Nothing. Not in his finger, not in his hands. It was just like nothing had ever happened. 
He still had a small hope that one day he would be able to use his hands again. It was an impossible dream, but one he couldn't stop himself from having. 

Gerard was taking Frank out of room for lunch. They had read twenty more pages, Gerard had questioned Frank, now they were taking a break, and then it would be more questioning. 
On the way to the lunch room, Gerard stopped walking, and started doing wheelies.
He did five of them. Then he stopped because he was getting very dizzy. And if he was dizzy Frank had to be even dizzier. 
Gerard stopped to get his breath, to find Frank smiling up at him. 
That was the first time he ever seen Frank smile. 
It was full blown, and ear to ear. 

At the end of the day, as he was loading the wheelchair into the back of Mrs. Iero's car, Gerard started to talk to her.
"The other day, I was out here with Frank. And I gave him some snow. And I, I think he felt it." He said. 
"Really?" Her eyes sparked at his words. 
"Yeah. I don't, I don't have proof but I swear he did."
"I believe you, Gerard. I do."
He was relieved, he was so used to people shooting him down. And after the guidance counselor, just didn't expect anything anymore.

Oh my God, y'all, have you heard Panic at the Disco's new song? I'm excited the new album.
Anyway, I'm uber curious, what do you guys thinks going to happen?
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